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Friday, 31 May 2013

Webfusion, Heart, and 123 reg dis honouring the original contract and representing me without my consent.

dear whoever

for the public record and by my common law of public record, and by your oath of office if applicable, i now wish to inform webfusion persons, and any other third parties associated with this gross mis-conduct of law...

i do not consent to you or your legal department representing me in any way shape or form like this, now, or in the future.

you do not have my consent to change the agreement and so i now hereby declare under sovereign law you are duly unlawful, and need to seek council to rectify this problem that you yourselves created, by seeking to represent me, while under contract, without my explicit knowing willing consent.

i did not nor did i ever give you the authority to act on my behalf to change an existing contract of terms and conditions, while under an agreement with me.

you have chosen to try and manipulate me into another agreement without my consent.

you are now as webfusion, heart, 123 reg, and any other affiliated third party, are unlawful, and if you do not retract or undo the damage you have done, i as a natural born sovereign soul, by my common law court of conveyance of public recoed, will declare myself an injured party, and will seek a remedy against all such persons like yourself who seek and promote this kind of gross public mis-conduct as well as a dis honour of agreement or contract, i will seek a remedy set against you, that will be for ever recorded on my personal and most humble blog, and by email as proof of claim of reciept. what that remedy is i will decide if you choose to continue with this illegal act you have sought to commit against me.

now i very sincerely hope you get this to your legal department ASAP and get me a sufficient response in writing or email to which you can and will be held to account to.

put simply, i do not consent.

if you choose to understand this, perhaps the remedy will be as simple as an apology.

please, please, please, never try to forcibly remove an agreement without the other parties agreement, of which you never had. if you do this again i will immediately you have assumed not to remedy this serious act against my said self, and will no choice but to do what i feel is the right thing to do, while invoking my common law rights as a sovereign soul on this beautiful beloved planet.

hope to hear from you soon.
in love n light

james stuart morris
58 st georges rd
worcs b98 8ed

do not call me
do not charge me unless exact previous agreements are adhered to in full
do not attempt to falsify documents
do not change any agreements without my consent which you obviously dont have

but do lets try to clean up this mess you have put now put us in.

(ps. for your legal department - as of reciept of this correspondane, i now hereby inform you that this in itself is a dis honour of contract as the terms and conditions made between me and excalibre and me and webfusion did not include this agreement, and you as heart, and you as 123 reg, and you as webfusion, now must by law honour the existing agreements or take the remedy i will serve in a notice if you do not. by divine grace, i now bind this in law, and before my creator, ask you all to get this to your lawyers, and damd quickly too, thank you...)

(dont worry about spellin n grammer cause i certainly dont)

From: Webfusion
Sent: Tuesday, 28 May 2013, 11:52
Subject: James Stuart - We are upgrading your account

Here's some great news about your hosting
We are upgrading you to Heart Internet's award winning hosting platform!

Dear James Stuart,
We are writing to inform you that your Webfusion web hosting, e-mail or FTP packages XC0009111 will soon be upgraded to Heart Internet's award winning hosting platform with their Home Pro hosting package. This will take place on the 4th of June 2013.
Webfusion and Heart Internet are part of the Host Europe group and as both a loyal Webfusion and XCalibre Communications customer we want to ensure you have access to the best products available. Migrating your package will give you access to Heart Internet's industry-leading tools and services.
Your payment method will now be set to credit card and at your next renewal date you will now be charged the Heart Internet Home Pro price which is £137.45 per year, which is a slight increase from your previous rate of £45.939999 per year, but the good news is you will be getting much more for your money.
You will get access to all these great Home Pro features:

jsm: i didnt bother with the rest it all spam anyway...

Thursday, 30 May 2013

10th Blood Donation Award

jsm: blood type. c'mon, seriously? special? naaah, i dont think so! we are ALL special. after all we were all created werent we. nuff said. ps. thanx creator... :)

International Ritual Child Sacrifice, Torture and Traffickin

watch on youtube

download audio mp3 85Mb improved by jsm (still in progress)

thank f**k for god eh!
and all those sovereign souls who give a shit too!
ps. hi there.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Common Law Coming to a Common Purpose Near You!!!

Watch on Youtube

ps. muslims can be dads too you know. oh, and peace officers...

Monday, 13 May 2013


Watch on Youtube

jsm: i always knew it would be simple, but i just didnt realise how simple it would all be. and it just keeps on getting simpler...
love, light, learn, live...

Ben Fellows Statements & Police Tapes

Watch on Youtube

jsm: i dont want to say too much because it will most definatelly come from a space of arrogance and ego...

so please listen to this, but dont let it anger you. just stay receptive to the info, while observing those who talk...

finally, listen with your heart, not your head...
as always now, in love & light...