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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Dean Clifford on Red Ice Radio...


jsm: another interesting show covering the legal lawful authority our beautiful beloved creator has bestowed upon us, as apposed to the mickey mouse made up fictitious illusion.

ps its always nice to see yet another bulb light up around you when they become a little more awake and aware every once in a while. it kinda makes it all worth it you know. and i know its happening, i know. anyway as always, in love & light peeps!

pps its more facinating for me that my journey is much more of a stand offish approach, whilst most definitely remaining in peace, and also desperately trying to help any PERSON realize that they are also a man or woman, and thus carry the cosmic creation of karma they create. and so as always, i look i listen, i watch i wait i learn, i observe, and always speak when i am spoken too, but always always always, remain in total and utter peace and bliss.

i could go on about the last court appearance, but i really cant be arsed with negativity, but instead will take great pleasure in allowing all the spirits and souls and ghosts and ghouls of past present and new to guide me accordingly. but of-course i might also just say that my beloved creator continues to do a most wonderful job allowing me to experience life in a more enlightening way. and on that note all i can say is thank you creator.
thank you thank you thank you
in love & light all

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