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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

my notice of sovereignty and to cross examin

uk_jsm's 2013 03 06 - my notice of sovereignty and album on Photobucket

Sealed by jsm (james stuart morris) Flat 3, 58 St Georges Rd, Redditch, Worcs, B98 8ED. (A.R.R.) (docs) from a natural born sovereign soul
My Ref: my notice of sovereignty and to cross examine – Dated 2013 03 06 – Page 1of1
Your Ref: Case No: 221200352127 urn: 22DE5104612 and now
Your Ref: Case No: 22DE5104712/AT/BG and AT/YJS urn: 22DE5104712 and all subsequent references past present and future made by all from now on…


Please pay attention to the content and substance of this notice and not its form and layout. This is my form and layout and my truth, my whole truth, and nothing but my whole truth. And so it is. And on that I defer to my father, creator, source, or God.

And as stated before with proof of claim with witnesses present to the courts and police by me as a sovereign man in writing and with other men as witnesses present, I will present my truth to council and witnesses and cross examine all men and women who lay claim against me in LAW, as some have lied, and some have misled, and all have stolen from me, and without the LAWFUL authority provided. And under common sovereign law I as a man have the divine lawful right to cross examine and hold to account all those who say I have done something LAWFULLY WRONG.

And I also want to cross examine the man who calls himself a judge without providing proof of claim when requested to do so as noted by my common law court of council witnesses present, as he sat with his back to the crown while DISROBED. And I want it noted if that man or any man or woman is trying to pass an inference or summary judgement or assumption or opinion or whatever for or on my behalf now or in the future without my full knowing conscious willing and written consent and without my witnesses present while presenting in common law, I now hereby decree all the men and women doing so, to be attempting to conspire against me as a sovereign soul and will at some stage be calling ALL THOSE to a common law court of public record with at least 100 strong jury of the people with an elected justice of the peace present, and I will declare publicly openly and transparently with my witnesses present that all these men and women who have done me wrong. And I will declare myself an injured party against all who do this and will seek my remedy with each man and each woman one at a time. And as I have tried to avoid contract in the most peacefully and most humbly way possible, I am now only able to rely on my inner guidance, and my inner truth. And so it guides me now accordingly. THANK F**K FOR GOD EH!!!

And I want it made clear that although your attempts to keep the people safe are magnificent in most cases, in this case you have failed, and are still failing to do so, even at the expense of a sovereign trying his best to live a lawful life. and please tell your officers in future if they go flying into a roundabout (coming from police station past chippy to into roundabout) driving the big police van marked xv10(something) while I and another man were in a small blue car going round the roundabout at 22:28pm Sunday evening 3rd march 2013, I want it recorded here for EVER MORE I don’t care what the rush is, DO NOT put my life and other men and women at risk again, when your officers don’t even bother to follow their own civil rules and duties like stopping at a roundabout when a car is already on it. Will sticking his thumb up save my life or maybe driving carefully. How thoroughly disgusting that you claim to represent the law, and you have officers that do this, and then treat me the way they do in courts and council. Maybe some disrobing of a more permanent nature is in order for some peace amongst the civilians. I don’t want to do this though.

I am just glad you have given me this wonderful opportunity, yet again, to record this in the public domain for all to see, for ever more, on how I feel, and how I am being treated. I luv u all and truly do wish you all the best, but you are the maker of your own sovereignty and your own destiny, and I mine. And for the record mine is crystal clear now and will gladly submit that in writing here and now for the world to read. You see, I f**d up, but I made up. Have you.
In love & light as this always is but if you don’t live & learn from your own mistakes then I must just go on in the knowing that I truly have put my heart on the front line and have tried to help in the best way I thought possible. And I tried. And I still will. Because we are all in this together and I do luv u all.

All that I create I seal and by Divine Grace all contained herein.
Common Sovereign Universal Laws apply.
love, light, learn, live.
ps I luv u all

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