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Thursday, 27 December 2012

the Law of Attraction

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jsm said...

Sacred Feminine with Joseph Lumpkin

Writer and ancient texts publisher, Dr. Joseph Lumpkin returns for a candid talk on the Sacred Feminine.

Historic roots, including Hebrew polytheism, the feminine spirit of Wisdom, Sophia, Shekinah, and the Ruach...insights into the male-dominated church systems, and the re-balancing of our spiritual relationship with God.

jsm said...

As a Man Thinketh - AudioBook (Law of attraction)

As a Man Thinketh", is a classic self help book by author James Allen. This book revels that man is the creator of his circumstances and opportunity thorough the thoughts that he chooses to entertain.

I hope this book brings you knowledge and awareness, as it has brought me.
God bless all

jsm: and the nice chaps supplied a link for the mp3 as well so get clicking

jsm said...

Key to Living the Law of Attraction - Read - Randy Bear Reta Jr.