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Friday, 21 December 2012

THE GLORIOUS GLOSTERS get shat on by the civil service

view on ukcolumn youtube

jsm: thorougly disgusting.
this could be my mum n dad u cee
or even your mum n dad

and i will leave you all with this most humble of my messages...

my 4wheels is nothing to me compared to the grievance done here to one of the people of the land...

in my opinion, a common law court of 100 people electing a justice of the peace to the chair, would be a perfect opportunity to exercise the divine laws of the creator & creation, and the consciousness of this beautiful beloved planet...

but hey, what the f**k do i know eh...
love & light


maybe my new years resolution should be that for the public record and by divine grace of my creator (blessings be upon you) now is the time when i take the plunge and declare myself as a natural born sovereign soul who will by hook or by crook act as a common law witness to any and all of the people out there who might need me, provided either you or i can actually get me there. but as skint as we all are, the creator always gets us to where we need to be at just the right moment in time...

love, light, learn, live all.
but dont forget to live!
i luv u all.