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Friday, 21 December 2012

THE GLORIOUS GLOSTERS get shat on by the civil service

view on ukcolumn youtube

jsm: thorougly disgusting.
this could be my mum n dad u cee
or even your mum n dad

and i will leave you all with this most humble of my messages...

my 4wheels is nothing to me compared to the grievance done here to one of the people of the land...

in my opinion, a common law court of 100 people electing a justice of the peace to the chair, would be a perfect opportunity to exercise the divine laws of the creator & creation, and the consciousness of this beautiful beloved planet...

but hey, what the f**k do i know eh...
love & light


maybe my new years resolution should be that for the public record and by divine grace of my creator (blessings be upon you) now is the time when i take the plunge and declare myself as a natural born sovereign soul who will by hook or by crook act as a common law witness to any and all of the people out there who might need me, provided either you or i can actually get me there. but as skint as we all are, the creator always gets us to where we need to be at just the right moment in time...

love, light, learn, live all.
but dont forget to live!
i luv u all.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Testimony of Mark Cleminson

watch on Youtube

jsm: a wonderful presentation and a joy to hear this souls true testimony...

food for thought: im not religous so to speak, but VERY spiritual. and always find myself more drawn to those who speak of their truth while having a good faith as foundation. me, my spiritual foundation is solid, period! but it never ceases to amaze me how moved i can become from listening to another soul speaking from the heart in the desperate and divine hope that they can atleast reach just one more soul out there. me? i now know how that feels, and what a blessing it is to be allowed to be able to feel that way. njoy peeps and open your heart as well as your mind...

( and yes i will update on courts & legal mikey mouse doo daa if and when i can really be bothered. too much negative energy there u cee all though much has taken place. but all good to me tho. currently im waaay more interested in wonderful souls such as these as well as chatting up every divine female feminine energy in divine creators creation. thank you creator :)

Monday, 17 December 2012

my notice of refusal to consent

uk_jsm's 2012 12 17 - my notice of refusal to consent album on Photobucket
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Sealed by jsm (james stuart morris) Flat 3, 58 St Georges Rd, Redditch, Worcs, B98 8ED. (A.R.R.) (docs) from a natural born sovereign soul
My Ref: my notice of refusal to consent – Dated 2012 12 17 – Page 1of1
Your Ref: Case No: 221200352127 urn: 22DE5104612


Please pay attention to the content and substance of this notice and not its form and layout. This is my form and layout and my truth, my whole truth, and nothing but my whole truth. And so it is. And on that I defer to my father, creator, source, or God.

DATED 2012 11 19 – my ref: my notice of intention to summons and cross examine…
DATED 2012 08 13 – my ref: my notice of response to fixed penalty of a conditional offer
And ALL my other submissions related to my Sovereignty with my Creator. And so it is…

With reference to the above notices sent recorded delivery, I most humbly and peacefully declare as follows…

My private property has been stolen from me and as a natural born sovereign soul now declare a sin has taken place.
All here trying to trap me or get me to consent are thus also committing a sin.
I just want my private property back and I am still prepared to forgive any and all who have made a mistake.
I am trying to help all persons involved but the people are no longer being properly heard and this has to stop.
I do want to forgive but I do also want my remedy and an apology would be nice too now from now on.
Would you like to talk about this peacefully and would you like to help me get back what is lawfully mine as decreed by me and my creator. Would you like due lawful process to take place. I believe so.
I am in harmony now with peace and creation and my creator and wish and will it to remain that way.
I now no longer serve the state unless otherwise consciously knowingly and willingly declared by me and only me.
Your servants have lied about me and made false statements but I want to forgive this as well.
I want an apology and I want my private property back and to be left in peace to serve the people.
I am here to help. But I need you to help me. But I do want the truth.
So listen to your heart and not your head and put all past lies aside, or carry their karma so to speak.
Im not perfect, but are you.
Did you perform a valid function of government or have you acted outside of your jurisdiction.
Have you played your part well or did you overstep your character role so to speak.
I do not expect anything more from you except that you validate your claims in POSITIVE LAW, or at least try to help me in obtaining the relevant lawful decree and proof of claim.
Nobody has supplied me the definitions I have requested for. Do you know how many times I have asked. Nobody.
I do not wish to believe fiction to be fact, unless otherwise counterclaimed or proved otherwise of-course.
But I am very very VERY happy with the life of LAW that I now lead and live day to day, and from the front line if I do say so myself. Did you feel in your heart what I just decreed by divine grace to you. Can you feel that?
I am here to help, and help I will. But if you do not want me to help then someone else somewhere else always will want my help, and that is now my purpose.
But I am not able to do this if you keep stealing my things and my property so to speak. You are now an encumbrance to my freedom and my wellbeing and my sacred duty as sovereign to the people of the land. So very thin is the ice but I do not want it to break. I love you all and leave you in peace and good will and will not go to war.
But if you stop me again or steal my private property again you will have to answer to the creator, creation, and karma.
I will not be entering into any contractual offers from now on so to speak. My contract is to my creator now.
Do you hear me once again state I don’t want to contract.
Now please leave me in peace and be in peace.
Love & light all and thank you for all your time and energy…

All that I create I seal and by Divine Grace all contained herein.
Common Sovereign Universal Laws apply.
love, light, learn, live.
ps I luv u all

The Girl Against Fluoride

Girl Against Fluoride on Youtube

Ben Fellows Productions on Youtube

jsm: and thanx to the girl against fluoride for giving a shit.
love & light all