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Friday, 26 October 2012

The Great Vaccination Debate by Ian Sinclair

watch on youtube


jsm: short n sweet...
gone, but not forgotten...
ps. thanx for giving a shit Ian...
love, light, learn, live.

(( ps - sadly, very sadly i lost all the original docs n files used to make this vid, and so this is the best quality there is. im just bloody glad and over the moon i still have a piece of this wonderful souls hard work to fall back on. ))

1 comment:

jsm said...

and for those who dig...

yellow taxi cabs all around.
i thought were ice cream vans lol.
a male ginger haired soul lying on the ground.
i just hope he was ok.
after all, common laws do give a shit i should know!!!

(( and the other vision ))

3 or 4 maybe,
but 1 in particular,
olive green you say,
big head!
but how fetching,
from here,
naah, dont think so ;p
and thanx,
for the glow,
it really helped me see,
but was that me,
was there, then gone,
one day,
i might even sing you a song,
cant say fairer than that,
well, can i?

thanx n i luv u all...