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Saturday, 21 July 2012

West Mercia Police take my 4wheels without my consent

jsm: well the camera ran out, and after 2 or 3 hours or so, they quite literally stole my private property, while failing in their bound by oath of duty to keep the peace. after all, they did disturb mine.

and as much as i tried to help and assist, i was unfairly treated, and was left in no doubt whatsoever that all three officers did not know the legal lawful definitions i asked for. in other words, they knowingly enforced policy they did not understand. after all, how could they, they didnt give me the definitions, and instead cautioned me.

no! seriouslly watch the vid...

love light learn live all.
but dont forget to live.
till next time.

ps. the night before this incident one male officer who i dont know, and the female officer ADDIS in this vid banged on my bedroom door entering the premises without my personal consent, waking me up half naked, only to inform me my tax disc was out of date. yet another disturbance of my peace.

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