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Friday, 13 July 2012

notice of removal of abandoned vehicle by redditch borough council

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Your Ref: WK/201208064 13/7/12 12AM - from a natural born sovereign soul - page 1of2
DATED 2012 07 13 - (doc downloads online)
Sealed by: Jsm (james stuart morris) Flat 3, 58 St Georges Rd, Redditch, Worcs, B98 8ED. (all rights reserved)


Please pay attention to the content and substance of this notice and not its form and layout and spelling and grammar thank you.


(please supply me this officers name RBC for future litigation and accountability purposes thank you.) ((And please treat this request as a FOIA request and let me know if it will cost thank you))

that is not my vehicle you de-faced, but instead my 4wheels.
Here is my LAWFUL definition of my 4wheels…

4wheels – the method by which I use to go about my day to day affairs doing gods work. Not being used for or operating in commerce or performing a function of government in any way shape or form whatsoever. Owned by me in whole as a natural born sovereign soul and as king of my estate. It is private property and not for hire, except where forced upon under duress and under protest, and with my fee schedule attached.

And unless otherwise counterclaimed by yourself as an officer of RBC, or any employee of the crown or civil service, I assume all definitions of words you use, match the definitions as in ‘Blacks Law’ 4th edition. If not, can you please tell me in writing, where and what definitions you do use thank you.

I now hereby refer you to the enclosed ‘MY NOTICE OF WRIT OF RIGHT TO MY 4WHEELS’ and ask you for proof of receipt thank you. This is where I declare to be the sole owner of my 4wheels with proof of claim available on this notice and here at my common law court of record at… - (more online)

So you have chosen of your own free will to cause damage to my private property.
Never minding the fact that redditch borough council have a copy of my ‘NOTICE OF FREE TRAVEL’ of which I now again submit directly to you a copy, and most humbly request that you respond in kind with a proof of receipt of this notice as well thank you.

Your Ref: WK/201208064 13/7/12 12AM - from a natural born sovereign soul - page 2of2
DATED 2012 07 13 - (doc downloads online)
Sealed by: Jsm (james stuart morris) Flat 3, 58 St Georges Rd, Redditch, Worcs, B98 8ED. (all rights reserved)

Please answer in writing within 30days to the following. I personally think 2days is disgusting and so will lead by example instead. You have 30days to respond thank you.

 By the way do you have an oath of office and if so what is it please.
 Would you like to refer back to the clearly marked out fee schedule on my 4wheels when you chose to contract with me. Unless you made a mistake of course which I will forgive the first time.
 perhaps you would like me to come in for a formal open accountable transparrent public meeting at the council, that I will record, and perhaps some local people and maybe even the redditch police, after all, they know about my 4wheels. I will gladly present myself if it will help redditch borough council understand its legal definitions a little better. Unless I am wrong of-course but nevertheless the offer is now here and in writing and recorded for ever. Thank f**k for god eh!
 Is there anything this sovereign soul can do to help the officers and civilians of redditch understand my situation more, please, please, tell me, let me know. How can I help?
 please take into consideration my ‘NOTICE OF FREE TRAVEL’ and my ‘MY NOTICE OF WRIT OF RIGHT TO MY 4WHEELS’ as my lawful notices thank you.
 Please tell me how you mistook my 4wheels for public property. It’s a private number plate. I don’t use a drivers license to contract anymore. Is there a problem I have created whereby I am giving the public and civil service the impression that I am performing a function of government. If so, please let me know thank you.
 Again just so I am making myself clear, I do not stand under, I do not consent, and I want to be left alone. That’s all really. Everything else comes conditionally. And so it is.
 Please let me know in writing asap when you are going to send someone out to remove your messy stuck on graffiti type rubbish from my 4wheels as I want to be there to film and witness this without damage. If this is done quickly and without damage, then as a so-called believer in GOD that I now am, I will forgive unconditionally this first time.
 Failure to respond within 30days will result in RBC (redditch borough council) and the said officer being in a lot of trouble by me, a natural born sovereign soul, and on that I will most likely defer to my creator. but if you haven’t responded within 30days, you stand under all my claims and agree that what I say is correct.

Please take this notice as my reply to your notice and any such future notices, unless you can counterclaim my lawful standing with your legal standing of-course.

Ps. As of now, in this divine moment in time, I now challenge any civil servant or public person to invite me onto any public platform with an audience, so I can air my claims, and I can be held to account publicly and openly. Unlike some I could mention.

Thank you for all your time and energy.
And thank f**k for god eh!
Love, light, learn, live.
till next time.
jsm my seal:

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