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Monday, 16 July 2012

Clare Flanagan responds to Abandonment Denial Notice

jsm: hmmm, a short but sweet response from me with the full weight and intent of common law behind me...


if this is a typo then all is well and im just paranoid eh!
but if this is a trick (like RLP and the 'breading the law' clause), then i can most re-assuringly advise all state servants that anything civil & admin can be and will be re examined by a common law court of conveyance, at a later date if need be, especially with a jury of 100, and an elected justice of the peace from the local people in my beloved community blah blah blah. now that much i do know.

and for those who think i am over reacting here, then you obviously havent been watching the videos i have been posting, and you probably arent ready for this kind stuff yet.

but if its just a typo, then i most humbly appologise.
anyway, it wont wash. it is not my wish.

2) 'reciept of your recorded delivery letter' - the council should really be aknowledging this as a 'notice' and not a letter, but hey, im going to give the bennefit of doubt here. anyway, the truth always prevails.

((ps i shoulda said, cars still there, so no persons done anything silly since. but i will be expecting their garbage to be removed. could you imagine the fee schedule i would have to attatch if i were to take my m8s shopping at the weekend, and there was an accident because of their ugly disgusting graffiti on my glass. tut tut tut, i would have been much more sensible and careful about this. much more sensible!))

till next time peeps!
i love u all.

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