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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Videos of Interest at the mo

jsm:just watching it now but i just know i need to bump him, i just know, njoy peeps!!!

(jsm: only just discovered this guy, another scott like me, and most definately worth a listen. its more about being responsable than it is about causing conflict. an excellent vid. other vids on youtube)

(jsm: i am always watchin his vids, and it never ceases to amaze me that as i go through my journey of knowledge & wisdom [1st u know it, then u live it - so maybe realising it is livin it] the info i need always seems to be just around the corner as i need it, well, thats what it feels like anyway. 2parts to this on youtube)

(jsm: always worth a mention and a bloody good mentor too for me. you see as much as i too can feel the ego in me its just not about that anymore. its the truth its about, anyway 4parts njoy!!!)

( jsm: now this, nothing to do with legal & law but instead did jesus come to britain. you see, i not find it such a pleasure to listen to someone who is passionate about their studies and beliefs, and seem to have lost my love for fancy cgi n special effects. a simply brilliant presentation with so much interesting and enlightening bits n pieces of info. and probably recorded on the spur of the moment. i just wish i was spontanious, ah well, back to my boooring self eh ;P )

jsm: is any of it true, crikey why ask me, instead, ask yourself n go do your own diggin. njoy!!!


jsm said...

Free Man on the Land Q&A ~ The Basics of Living as a Free Human Soul

another great freeman

jsm said...

jsm: and a real good old fashioned quality programme, a blast from the past, that tbh has not much to do with the subject matter, but recently playet it to someone and thoroughly njoyed watchin this again....

The Naked Truth.

jsm said...

California Governor And Attorney General Get Served

Judges disqualified for corruption.

On October 11th, at approximately 2 pm the Trustees of The People's Republic trust of the state of California, accompanied by the Trustees of the National Public Trust 1776. duly disqualified all of the judges of the state of California from hearing any cases involving banks, bank instruments and bank collections due to the corruption of The People's public officers by banks in order to validate their fraud.