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Monday, 11 June 2012


Case No: 231100275098 urn: 23JS5776211 - page 1of4 - from a natural born sovereign soul (doc downloads available)

Seal: jsm (james stuart morris) Flat 3, 58 St Georges Rd, Redditch, Worcs, B98 8ED. (all rights reserved)

Copies sent by recorded delivery to:
Karen Lumley, Suite 11D, Fifth floor, Grosvenor House, Prospect Hill, Redditch, B97 4DL
Redditch Advertiser, 5 High Street, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B61 8AJ
Redditch Standard, Webb House, Church Green East, Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 8BP
Department for Transport , Great Minster House, 33 Horseferry Road, London, SW1P 4DR
Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, Great Minster House, 76 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DR
DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1DD
Redditch Borough Council, TownHall, Walter Stranz Square, Redditch, B98 8AH
Redditch Police Station, Grove Street, Redditch, B98 8DD
Enquiries and Reporting, Office of Fair Trading, Fleetbank House, 2-6 Salisbury Square, London, EC4Y 8JX.
Home Secretary Theresa May, Rt Hon Theresa May MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
Secretary of State for Transport 2011, Rt Hon Justine Greening, 3 Summerstown, London, SW17 0BQ
John J Buckley / Justices Clerk, PO BOX 10, ROSEFIELD PLACE, LEAMINGTON SPA, CV31 9ET
Keith Bristow - Chief Constable, Warwickshire Police, Newbold Terrace, Leamington Spa, CV32 4EL
Judicial Services, Leamington Police Station, Hamilton Terrace, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV32 4LX
Sarah Jane Masters - WPC 948, Camera Enforcement Unit, PO Box 3273, Rugby, CV21 2XT
FAO Gary Ho???, Camera Enforcement Officer, Camera Enforcement Unit, PO Box 3273, Rugby, CV21 2XT
Inspector Michael Boissonade, Warwickshire Police (23JS), Hamilton Terrace, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV32 4LX
((please aknowledge reciept in kind & pass on to the relevant legal and lawful department for reasons of accountability))
((please let me know if you think I should be posting this sworn statement to anyone else thank you))


Please pay attention to the content and substance of this notice and not its form, layout, spelling, or grammer. I also refer all persons and people involved or interested to all my previous paperwork available from the above link.

Upon receipt of this notice you are hereby reminded and bound by your oath of office in full to carry out your Fiduciary Duties as a Sworn Officer or Public Servant or Civil Servant, and I also most humbly appeal to your good sound god given sense of judgment and character and clarity as one of the people of the Land.

I write now, with reference to the ‘Crown Prosecution Service’s own website and specifically the page titled ‘Misconduct in Public Office’ here at…

It all started when I was given a speeding ticket, and I knew in my heart of hearts, I had done absolutely nothing wrong, and also never harmed a single sovereign soul or people or person so to speak.

I now find out that after much knowledge and wisdom attained by my own efforts and pains, that not only is the civil service enforcing color of law policy on the people which in itself is a civil offence, but they also fail to show proof of claim, even when asked to do so in writing.

And after serving the chief constable of warwickshire police who’s name is keith bristow with a notice of default for failing to show me the positive law that required me to follow civil procedure, and upon making it very plain and clear in writing many times I was not an officer or employee and the statutes and codes and acts thus did not apply to me, he still failed to respond in kind, as to why I was wrong, or what law I was breaking, but instead continued to impose civil jurisdiction and procedure upon me. This I must assume is a civil offence, but as a sovereign, who submitted a sworn affidavit and declaration of truth to my local

Case No: 231100275098 urn: 23JS5776211 - page 2of4 - from a natural born sovereign soul (doc downloads available)

redditch borough police station stating this quite clearly with witness’s present, I now feel the gross miss-conduct and total lack of understanding from the warwickshire constabulary police is totally lacking accountability and in my opinion any lawful authority whatsoever. I have declared myself an injured party here and have no faith or trust in their activities, and also am very concerned for my safety and wellbeing, thanx to the constabulary who claims to uphold the peace. Sadly, I have to disagree. This is a breech of trust is it not.

Now, notwithstanding the fact that I clearly laid out my position and warwickshire police still failed totally to provide the lawful proof of claim as to why I have to accept this fine so to speak, they still then after a notice of default, and no response within 30days, suddenly decided to summons an invitation to court, (probably because I had sent them my ‘Notice of Free Travel’) which I accepted under duress, and under protest, and by special invitation, and by waiving none of my rights bla bla bla so to speak.

I also attended with a witness to their civil and my common law court proceedings, and to be honest, in hindsight, I never experience such serious civil miss-conduct, never mind the blatant obfuscation by the clerk of court john j buckley at warwickshire crown court.

For the public record, and on your oath of office which you are all now bound to in full, I will swear by penalty of purgery, and with witness’s to give testimony and weight if required, I am telling my truth my whole truth and nothing but my truth here and on that I defer to my creator. You can consider this document as a sworn affidavit if you feel it necessary.

On the first court appearance, I raised in writing some suspicious concerns regarding the fact my witness sitting in the gallery couldn’t hear me properly but certainly did hear some very important allegations I will be making. Maybe that was just a teck glitch.

John j buckley, quite clearly informed me that although this first appearance was not the actual summons or whatever, I would be given an opportunity to read my opening statement at the next hearing or whatever it is now called. My witness actually heard this and would gladly testify to this if necessary. They took the position of authority, while failing to engage me in an informative way, and seemed more inclined to exclude me rather than include me.

John j buckley continuously failed to hear my statement when I said I was innocent of all contained herein, and instead chose without my consent, to change this statement to a plea of not guilty. I tried to correct this more than once, and he intentionally and deliberately took it upon himself to enter a plea of not guilty. Again, my witness did clearly pick this up and would gladly make a statement to this. And again for the public record, I will swear penalty of perjury to all that I write as it is the truth. And so it is.

The three people at the top, who never gave me their names, got up and walked out when I was still making my statements, and so never gave me a fair hearing in any way shape or form, and the prosecutor and john j buckley continued to talk and quite honestly just ignored me, and if it wasn’t for me speaking up and butting in to be honest, I don’t think I would ever have been heard at all.

And so I got chucked out and was forced by a security officer to leave but without touching me at all, and took it upon himself to shove a piece of paper in my bag and then escorted me and then my witness downstairs. Tbh, the security officer here was fine and I have no complaints there. But I was forced to leave without being fairly heard at all and I will swear to this in front of a common law court of public record with 16 common law people and an elected justice of the peace.

Case No: 231100275098 urn: 23JS5776211 - page 3of4 - from a natural born sovereign soul (doc downloads available)

The second time I was invited to their proceedings, as usual my common law court of record proceedings ran alongside, and this time I had 2 witness’s as apposed to 1 the first time.

Firstly my witness notice that the timesheet on the wall clearly acknowledged me as freeman on the land, and was re-assuring to see that the law of the land was firmly in toe so to speak.

When called in I literally had to fight tooth and nail verbally to get my 2 witness’s in just to act as a court of record and witness and write things down for me. Is this standard practice. Did they expect to have me in there on my own. Is this not bullying. Is this not intimidation. Does the crown endorse this?

Anyway, then the lady on the top row in the middle tries to brow bully me into going into the stand or witness box whatever it is to defend myself. I quite honestly refused as she was now making the exact same mistake as john j buckley and had already decided my plea of not guilty, and she would not acknowledge my statement of innocent of all contained herein. There was a definite attempt to force a plea onto my said self. Also I did ask for their names at the beginning but all failed to respond.

Another thing that took place is the moment the judge tried to explain to me how proceedings would work after me asking she said I was to think of these proceedings as a play. I instantly and will swear penalty of perjury to this told her clearly and more than once I was not an actor. I told her I was not an actor. That is something readers of this will have to refer themselves to blacks law 4th edition dictionary for definitions of words. But I for the record understood her clearly, and clearly stated I was not an actor. Never minding the fact that all my paperwork eludes to all this, as well as me never consciously and knowingly performing a function of government, neither am I knowingly employed by them, again I refer you to all my previous documents available online.

And so yet again of not being allowed to be heard in an equal and fair fashion, and after being told by the middle lady I will be given an opportunity to read my opening statement AFTER cross examination of the witness, that’s the one that bothered to actually turn up that is, not the chief constable of warwickshire police who for some unknown reason, obviously did not want to be cross examined by me on the stand while presenting myself as a sovereign and swearing him to his oath of office. Isn’t that alone a breech of trust, well I believe it is and so it is. I personally now believe he has something to hide. That’s what I believe, after all, I did submit the required response to john j buckley stating quite clearly I wish to cross examine ALL those who raise issues against my said self. I had submitted the proper paperwork as requested, and when I continuously asked to bring keith bristow in for cross examining, john j buckley very sarcastically said to me why didn’t I bring him as a witness. Duh? - you tell me??? And so back to my opening statement.

I now realized that the de-facto proceedings taking place were now definitely not going to give me any fair representation in any way shape or form whatsoever, and so started to read out my opening statement. Again, my witness’s can give statements to all this. And when I start reading out my opening statement, the same thing happens just like the first invitation by special appearance. The three people at the top decide to get up and walk out of their proceeding and so obviously abandoning ship but anyway I digress.

So I continue to read my opening statement, and as im doing this, the very person that guaranteed I would be allowed to read my opening statement, also gets up at about the point where I am quoting words and definitions from blacks law 4th edition dictionary, and as he is walking out to abandon his ship, he quite clearly says that blacks law might not necessarily apply in these proceedings. WOW!!!!!!!!

Did I hear correctly, although I did quiz him just before he rushed out the room. Is this right. Does the

Case No: 231100275098 urn: 23JS5776211 - page 4of4 - from a natural born sovereign soul (doc downloads available)

crown, or any of the public or civil servant currently sworn to their oath of office and bound to it in full as you read these words. Do you as one of the people agree to this statement. And if so does the crown endorse this stand. Because I don’t think they do you know. I really don’t.

Anyway, bla bla bla im reading my opening statement with my witness’s noting all this for the public record of-course, then john re-appears, and looks at the 44pages of documents I submitted asking me what page I am reading from. So now at least we know the info submitted by me was in the proceedings and my conveyance of common law court proceedings has now testified to this as you read it.

I continue reading and tbh he seems much more concerned with me now than he ever did before which I took to be a pleasant aknowledgement at the very least. Then the three up top return and once seated the middle lady started to inform me on the law of the land, and then immediately corrected herself and said the law of england and wales. Now I want to know if this is a civil offence because the same proceedings outside said I was a freeman on the land, and my previously submitted paperwork also made it clear I would not waive my rights, would not cross the bench bla bla bla, again please refer to the paperwork. So why was I being forced, yes, why was I being forced into a jurisdiction when my clear intention was not to contract or consent, never minding the fact that no-one has appeared to this date with the law or proof of claim requiring me to do so. After all this is civil isn’t it?

So after all this,
I was never heard fairly at all, and I was lied to about being allowed to make my opening statement, I quite literally had to speak out to be heard.
I was never told of the proceedings.
I was never shown the law that the officers claimed I was required to stand under.
I was never given the opportunity to cross examine one of the people keith bristow whos title is chief constable of warwickshire police who I believe now threatened my safety and well being and encumbered my right to free travel and my right to free expression. But instead let a lower ranking officer carry the can for his claims.
I was never given the proof of claim I asked for continuously as to why I am required to stand under the acts they are required to follow. I am not an actor. I am not a servant. I am sovereign. And so it is.
I was forced out the second time from proceeding with force used upon my sovereign self and this alone is most definitely a criminal offence or rape under common law, as well as a civil one I would assume, but at all times I remained in peace and clearly said this.

So hopefully a person or with relevant standing will read this, realize there is a problem, and act accordingly to their statutes and codes of conduct. If this cant be managed in a fair and sensible way, then I will have no doubt that a common law court of 16people with an elected justice of the peace will achieve the results required, but I am desperately hoping the crown or civil service can take responsibility for the damage now caused to me by this ongoing abuse of power, and hopefully in time, I can be re-assured that the civil service is not that bad after all.

Thank you for reading this and have a wonderful day
James stuart morris (all rights reserved)
till next time.
jsm my seal:



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