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Sunday, 22 April 2012

145pm : MORRIS (Freeman on the Land)


well, what do you want me to say peeps?

i won?

they dropped the speeding charge?

they did not allow opening statement - until after about 15mins or so when i just read it out, the 3 people up top walked out like last time, along with the clerk as well who said they needed a break?

clerk of court john j buckley committed civil n criminal offenses under which i will swear penalty or purgery with 2 witness's to seal the allegation?

do you want me to repeat the fact that chief constable of warwickshire police keith bristow has made an injured party of me while on his oath of office, or would you like me to tell you after being summonsed for cross examination by me on the stand, he failed to appear, but instead hung a lower rank official out to dry who clearly was not comfortable at being there???

i hereby declare to my creator - i am an injured party and want my remedy
and so it is.

do you want me to shout 'ITS A CONSPIRACY' and ask if they are freemasons?

do you want to hear about john the accuser and clerk saying that blacks law 4th ed might not necessarily apply in proceedings? no seriously, my witness's will testify to this?

shall i mention the barrister saying think of the proceedings as a play, again i have witnesses to this but its ok, i stated quite clearly for the public record and upon their oath of office, i am not an actor (go look it up peeps)

do you want me to say that im clever?

or would you like me to just say these most humble words before the whole world who can act as my common law court of public record.

i told my truth, my whole truth, and nothing but my truth.

well, i did!

and what happened?

i was assulted by a peace officer (plz note the spelling)

and was thrown out!!!

well, is that justice?

did i win?

i didnt lose!!!

crickey, i told the truth!!!


john buckley,,,

keith bristow,,,

what did you do?

tell me?

what do you think you did on that day?

and what did you achieve?

me? i did it AALLLLLLL,,,

and in just 2 appearances.


im really proud of me today you know.

 bu r you 2 proud of you

r u

now what do you want me to say.

i know what i want to say.

r u ready?

here it comes.

thank you thank you thank you

. . .

love, light, learn, live all,,,
but dont forget to live...
till next time.

ps, someone please tell enya i said thanx and hi again.

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