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Monday, 13 February 2012

Notice of Suspension

My day at work and being suspended

I got to work at 8.50am and went downstairs to note my shift in as usual. it was mentioned that paul wanted to see me and was asked to sit and wait for him.

paul bunker came out to see me, along with another manager named sharon creham, whom i have never spoken to before, and we then proceeded to have what you would say was a frank and one sided conversation. and for the public record i had no idea this was about to happen and was given no due notice of this whatsoever.

i made it quite clear that this meeting was under protest and under duress, and was without my consent, and wanted someone there with me, but i was told by sharon this was not necessary. so even after asking this i was refused, point blank! none of this from the outset took place with my consent, but i was on the payroll.

she also made it quite clear to me that she didn't actually know anything about my predicament or this case or my paperwork submitted to date and also acknowledged that she was not actually there to deal with me, but instead someone or something else, and she just happened to be now involved with this. this didn't make any sense to me whatsoever, and she never actually gave me her name, not once, until about 11.20am, almost 2hours after the initial discussion taking place. there was a definite attempt on her part for me to not get her name.

so, for the next 15mins or so, i was being verbally bullied by paul and sharon to get me to agree that megan told me at the previous meeting i had to wear the gloves and that i had agreed. they also wanted me to acknowledge receipt of her letter, while totally and utterly failing to acknowledge the fact that i had already replied to her in writing regarding this. along with continuously requesting a copy of my contract ((or starter form as now formally acknowledged by paul bunker at this very meeting)) as well as proof of claim i have to stand under megans decision. i have been politely asking and asking for a copy of the legal lawful determination that requires me to stand under this new decision.

and for the public record after paul bunker made it clear to me that the initial contract i signed was called a starter form. i mentioned this to sharon, who subsequently informed me a copy of my contract was being sent to me as we speak. so we now know i and paul signed a starter form at my initial employment with avenance.

so after 15mins or so of verbal bullying, i was left alone, amd then made against my will to sit for atleast 2 HOURS with no interaction or continuous feedback, except for 2 interactions at the most. i made it it perfectly clear that this was all under duress and under protest, and was more than willing to go and do my job, but this all fell on deaf ears, and i was for 2 hours left in an extremely uncomfortable and cold situation. it was a shame to admit how badly i was now being treated by elior international. absolutely disgusting. thoroughly disgusting.

at about 11.20am i was finally approached by sharon and paul again, and was handed a notice of suspension on full pay, which i did not sign, and ironically in hindsight says nothing about the bracelets or the 12days or the assert lemon.

i was escorted out, and after quickly returning to confirm i was on full pay, was told it was down to my contract by sharon (as paul now confirmed the starter form) i then subsequently left the premises.

to the best of my knowledge this is my truth, my sworn truth, and nothing but my sworn truth, and will swear testimont to this for all to read for ever more.

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