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Monday, 13 February 2012

My take on the essence of notes

i am going to just read through these words of 'essence' and give my immediate response to the gross miss-representation i am formally declaring for the public record has taken place, and hopefully this will shed better light on me, as the 'essence' most certainlly doesnt...


i was happy to proceed without companion, agreed. (biggest mistake i ever made now i realise)

why she didnt want the interview recorded - rubbish there was never a reason, only a defiant denial, along with an outburst of accusation of me recording when i put my bag down. so someone really didnt want a recording to take place. also no mention whatsoever of omitted material i notice being re-considered. total fabrication of evidence here. i will from now on use the word LIE and can be held to account for this for ever more. thank f**k for god and so i can now be judged!!!

30 day was actually 60days now, considering the generous grace period i gave to susan after her request for more time!!!

time frame - i am following admin and civil code, even if megan isnt

dont remember the word ajourn, but atleast this now aknowledges formal procedure wouldnt you say.

notes minutes whatever, i asked for a carbon copy of originals which took for ever, and the notes of 'essence' of which now i know DO NOT represent my 'essence' and was refused to record once aswell as the outburst insulting my integrity and character.

written response - i made it clear at the outset as well as at the end of the meeting i wanted nothing to interfear with my written response, and this was noted twice.

expect respect diversity book - yes i definitely rejected it on grounds of religion but also of grounds of sexuality.

my religious mementos yes that's right they are not jewelery, correct

yes i would wear as many as i could and have in the past.

elior do not communicate - absolute rubbish - it was paul bunker who does not communicate - 12days - and yes elior policy stuck on walls with no page head and requesting signatures is not due course of contract law now is it!!!. actually what is it?

12days - yes - still waiting for legal lawful determination here please

no - i didnt walk out - LIE - paul got up and said is that your last word and i said yes - so paul has misled you here

it appears i found meeting fustrating due to beliefs - this is conjecture and total rubbish. yes i dont have an issue with stress. i dont know what stress is tbh.

intellectually clever - yes i am intellectual and i am clever - maybe thats why my letter had impact

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = =

therefore you have no authority - rubbish - out of context - i was reffering to the accounts department and wether elior int monetise signatures.

expect respect - no - wrong - it never offended me - i just didnt entertain it nor did i endorse it

box people naturally in your mind - LIE - this discussion did not take place - actually yes again - this whole paragrah did not capture any of my essence at all i dont even remember any of it - show me where this was? catagorise people? who had this discussion, it certainlly wasnt me. anyway - lie

yes yes yes - b4 i question others like that i question myself and it DOES shut me up nearlly every single time. and thak god for that.

my religion is not seen by others - yes - i am not perfect - yes - but your notes are out of context, again.

if we found another vehicle for signatures - vehicle was never said - and you agreed ''by: stuart'' would be ok for identification purposes (allthough you u turned in your letter later saying i had to sign so another LIE here)

i could use :::stuart but in a court that would be void - LIE - never said that - it might not be monetize able but you have lied here again, sorry it has to be said. sounds like someones being over intellectual and it isnt me!!!

managers sometimes make mistakes - yes - but you dont seem to act on this do you.

as long as managers do not monetize - again - LIE - total rubbish elior international would be monetising not paul - i did try twice to explain this to megan.

bracelet H&S issue - will you show me legal lawful determination to confirm this. i have been asking this. where is proof of claim please.

i have no copy of contract


issue copy of contract


from sharon to sikh bracelets - oops! i seem to remember pointing out how badly she was felt she was treated which i totally agree and upset she sounded in her txt - did you forget that bit. there seems to be no mention of that. and thats the reason i had no companion with me.

heavily into rastafarian beliefs - rubbish - never said i was heavy - i said all religions were equal - sorry that doesnt fit into your booklet which by definition due to me is now considered discriminatory against me. you see, proof of claim, simple!!!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = =

wear it in respect of my friends - rubbish - LIE - i wear it for me not my friends - your minds eye is mistaken and misguided and i truly am sorry for that.

religion rubs off my friends like any religion with your family that is how it works - ????? and you wrote the expect respect booklet - what does this mean - what did you think i said here - - look, i have many friends from many different cultural backgrounds and i am less racist than most of them, and do you know, its THEM that say that, not me!!! i love them all un-conditionally. - soz i dont have a clue what you interpreted here. perhaps you should really consider sticking to minutes or audio recordings from now on.

H&S is voluntary - yes - yes - yes - excellent you got one quote right from start to finnish - its actually by consent but hey, go ask your lawyers, and make sure they are on their oath of office - no seriouslly - go and ask please...

am i refering to elior policy - no - allthough i would love to see some elior policy - its the colour of law - law by consent - but not positive law - but again dont quote me on it go onto the internet its a wonderfull place

i cannot tell you anything you do not wish to learn. nor would i want to now after this gross mis-representation of facts by both susan powers and megan whitehead.

you can see no alteration of contract - oops! you might need some legal advise here and i will have to agree to disagree - but i want no association at all with this comment - it does NOT represent me in any way shape or form.

the staff handbook is quite loose - yes i did notice, except when it comes to accountability on the part of elior tho i see. anyway '' I CONTITIONALLY ACCEPT YOUR OFFER TO STAND UNDER THE QUITE LOOSE STAFF HANDBOOK UPON PROOF OF CLAIM YOU HAVE THE LEGAL LAWFUL AUTHORITY TO REQUIRE ME TO DO SO'' but for the public record and recorded for ever you do not have my conscious knowing and willing consent, and so it is...

it is in my contract of employment - excellent - any chance i can get to see a copy please - and if you haven't got it and you just said this - that's a crime!!! - oh, and a LIE

oops! - missed that - 2weeks notice - WHAT!!! 2 weeks notice i really missed that one - any chance you can tell the manager that please cause hes busy forcing people to do 4weeks not 2weeks - now that's 100% quite loose isnt it!!!

(crikey if i wasn't posting this on the net i would swear i was making this all up honestly. thank god i never told them about my UFO sightings eh! they'd make mince meat out of me eh :)

well, just so elior know i haven't lost my 12days because a judiciary civil or administrative court will do the right thing here if required but i really don't want to go down that path. never minding the fact we need some serious staff re-training here to stop lying tampering with evidence while acting as persons of a corporation.

page 9 sect bla bla bla - show me proof of claim or get a better lawyer - better still speak to the chief with a degree, he might be able to help you here...

it is friendlier if in favour of the employer - LIE

you need to take leave in leave year - actually i tried but your manager went awol on me - i think i told you that in my first notice, the very one i had to ask megan TWICE if she actually read it - TWICE!!!

does my contract state - LIE - i asked for working time directive - not your hearsay.

does my contract state - and another point here - can i please have a copy of my contract (starter form now) please please please!!!

i will tear up the contract - WOW!!! - and you put that in writing - WOW!!! - did you just say that - WOW!!! - watch, are you ready, - LIE - and still no stress in me - none - thats the joys and blessings of living within your truth, and believe me im becoming quite an expert at it, can you tell...

am i suggesting that anything underhanded has happened here - YES - you have lied and purged yourselves, including susan powers as these are her notes.
Look, have you lost my contract!!! crickey what else can i think now.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = =

as in the letter i did agree to take my 12days - sorry im totally lost here what letter and if its a letter then its in writing so please give reference here please.

i am wondering if i did the right thing after yesterday - LIE - rubbish - for the public record although i never said this i now know i did the right thing.

there is no issue with hr address - rubbish otherwise paul bunker would have given it instead of saying he is the boss and went awol on me - but of-course you have consistently ignored all my claims and failed to counterclaim as well and so i don't really know what to tell you here. simply put, you are complicit in a cover-up.

yes elior if a fiction - crickey go ask the boss - but for the record you have totally changed the context here sooo much even i dont know what i said so sorry, but yes i did say that. you just dont understand it that's all.

wooooaaaaawwwwww there, right! so MW says

so what is a good outcome for you - 12days annual leave - wearing the bracelets?

then, no seriouslly wait for it, i saaayyy,,,

not just what i want? - but how elior responds as it sees fit!!!

WHAT! - even i didnt understand that, and so after all my efforts to raise these issues, you subsequently offer them to me, and i REFUSE THEM. crickey i really must be making this all up seriouslly. talk about incompetant. well, talk about chaff eh! anyway for the public record here - LIE - total fabrication, actually no sorry - LIE!!!

i think paul may have some issues - you dont say. i know i never said that exact phrase! but i will give you this for free, i THINK paul may have some issues. but i think you both do too. i dont remember paul LYING to me, just treating me really really badly. but i AM alleging you are both lying, and will swear testimony to this or stick it into an affidavit and get it witnessed. but before god i will testify that all can be undone here, but ONLY WITH THE TRUTH!!!

i think we are not breaking any laws only Corporate ones - LIE - anyway, if its law its law, corporate or otherwise, cmon thats just common sense isnt it. anyway - LIE

does elior monetize then two wrongs dont make a right - look i know i said both those comments but food for thought, stick to minutes from now on, just a helpful word of advise. - gross mis-representation.

written and typed - yep but you took your time with the carbon copy tho.

gloves worn at all times and i remain neutral - rubbish! i said i would respond once i recieved my written reply from you, and i said that twice, once at the start, and once at the end, and you both confirmed and aknowledged this.

i agree to sign :stu - there you go, and you agreed to put it in writing, than in your reply you say i must sign. so you lied again but in writing and in proof. crickey! i am getting really worried for elior now...

the data sheets are available yes - but the cat sheets are not and i want to see them. i think its time for me to address these issues with an FOI request ( Freedom Of Information Request) which you will recieva in due course now.

info available on site - LIE - this wasnt said, could be true tho. i want the address, and cat sheet, and data sheet, but if you cannot assist me, please just get me the address and i will gladly take this matter into my own hands thankyou.

my shoulders - puffed my chest - absolute rubbish and doesnt wash with me at all. i might be able to speak my corner and hold my own, but you have grossly mis-represented me and tarnished my good character with your prejudice. after meeting me for 2hours you make that observation. as somebody with 6 years communication skills at hnc level, i think i can safely say you are wrong.

very aggresive - what as aggresive as you when you accused me of recording the interview. i dont think so.

i take offence - excellent and i will say it again, megan you offended me!!!

health and safety optional and i went defensive - LIE - no, i will try again, its by consent. and i seem to remember one of your software tests eluding me to this as well. again, its by consent or agreement of contract.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = =

the police thing - right! you guys most certainly did mis-understand me her and will point this out clearly for you so hopefully you will understand me.

while reporting a crime to the police station regarding the chief constable of warwickshire police it became apparent to me that the police dont always like being asked questions. a bit like you actually. except they actually answer the questions. but yes the man was quite aggressive. but hey! dont take my word for it, the video is online to watch on the same blog all these documents are. you see for all they had said, and it was nothing like this i can tell you, they were more than happy for me to use my camera to record the incident. so hats off to them for that as they quite obviously had nothing to hide. they let me record. you didn't.

sharon - you have lost a really good employee - did i say that - or did i say you would be losing a really good employee, after all i would know because i worked for her, but you just dont seem to care like i do. but at least i can say i tried. but can you. or have you just lied and lied to set me up for a fall.

anyway, now onto the carbon copy...

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = =

actually no, no more, i really cant be arsed with any more intellecuall thought provoking crap from me anymore, as i wasted faaar too much time on their lies and spin and manipulation of the truth here...

but i will say this, and i hope elior international learn to listen now more than any other time, before it is too late for you...

along with all and i do mean all the above abuse and personal slander i have had to endure, i will now no longer be tellerable of such abuse and will bring to your attention one ever lasting point...

in all the three years or so now i have been at avenance there was never a problem, then you come along, with your lies and deciept, and then just as i get to the end i realise one last thing...

you post the carbon copy, and still no contract, and i finally see the nail in the coffin for elior international...

in between the hand written notes and the final typed copy, you have allowed two members of your staff to commit perjury (ps dont worry about my spelling stick to content and substance please, not form and layout).

you see i noticed that in the hand written carbon copy, nobody but nobody seems to mention my hours per week schedule at all. no mention whatsoever...

and yet in the typed 'essence' that has ever so elluded me, there magically seems to appear a declaration by me, stating that i work 12-15 hours a week...

well, of-course it seems only fitting for me to mention that i have been working there for three years now...

is it sinking in yet elior international, i did say three years...

now three times 52 is what i would call a shit load of weeks, so it might be safe for me to say that there is a decent enough paper trail regarding me and pay...

now imagine, just imagine, if i had said that at the meeting, and at about, lets say, hmmm, three weeks or so before that there was a dramatic decline in the number of hours elior international was assuming me, in comparision to what i was originally being given...

you do realise how bad that looks dont you elior international...

and of-course now as i have implicated myself so much by saying this i suppose i will have to photo-copy all my pay-slips and post this online as evidence, just to make sure im not lying to the whole world, and talking bad about your company for the sake of it...

me, i trully thank elior international for treating me so badly because i have just become even more grounded as a human being and as 1 of the people, and really have no ill will against any person of elior international. but i wont tolerate this kind of abuse of the law. and after all, there is only gods law now isnt there...

and on that note, i defer to the evidence put beforehand for the world to see for ever more...

love, light, learn, live.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = =


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = =

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = =

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = =

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = =

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
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