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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

my instruction for witness's to appear at SUMMONS


Case No: 231100275098 urn: 23JS5776211 - page 1of1 - from a natural born sovereign soul
DATED 2012 02 13 -

Sent by:
Jsm (james stuart morris)
Flat 3, 58 St Georges Rd.
Redditch, Worcs, B98 8ED.

John J Buckley / Justices Clerk, PO BOX 10, ROSEFIELD PLACE, LEAMINGTON SPA, CV31 9ET
Keith Bristow - Chief Constable, Warwickshire Police, Newbold Terrace, Leamington Spa, CV32 4EL
Judicial Services, Leamington Police Station, Hamilton Terrace, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV32 4LX
Sarah Jane Masters - WPC 948, Camera Enforcement Unit, PO Box 3273, Rugby, CV21 2XT
FAO Gary Ho???, Camera Enforcement Officer, Camera Enforcement Unit, PO Box 3273, Rugby, CV21 2XT
Inspector Michael Boissonade, Warwickshire Police (23JS), Hamilton Terrace, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV32 4LX


Please pay attention to the content and substance of this notice and not its form and layout. This is my Form. This is my layout. This is my truth, my whole truth, and nothing but my whole truth. And so it is. And on that I defer to my father, creator, source, or God!!!…

Ref to your heading: the Prosecutor’s witnesses in the SUMMONS
(( please note: I found it very difficult to figure out quite WHO the prosecutor is so if the person is not included in the above list, then please let me know or pass this notice on immediately. Your paperwork does not clearly mention this and needs to be amended to accommodate for this. ))

By Divine Grace, and for the public record, and upon your oath of office, and to all the people and persons mentioned above, I hereby give you notice within the 7days required, my intent to cross examine you all as witness’s on the stand in my Conveyance of Common Law Court of Public Record, and my proceedings are to run alongside with the summons request by Warwickshire Magistrates Court...

For the public record and upon your oath of office, I ACCEPT YOUR OATH OF OFFICE AND NOW BIND YOU TO IT. i instruct all the above public servants of the Crown that failure to turn up to these proceedings on the date, and be made available for cross examination on the stand by myself, will result in your evidence or testimony to be regarded as hearsay, and will be discharged as just that, hearsay. As one of the people, I will be presenting myself in both these proceedings, and will not require any Legal representation whatsoever. Thank you…

I will be appearing as a natural born sovereign soul seeking my remedy at these SUMMONS, and will be convening my Common Law Court of public record, and by special appearance to challenge the jurisdiction and Legal Lawful authority of those in question, and to seek my remedy, and will cross the bar retaining all my unalienable rights at all times, and waiving none, explicitly and without prejudice, and by your agreement and consent, and upon your oath of office, and for the public record, and will be recorded for ever more… and so it is…

I will be submitting all my paperwork in due course…

Love, light, learn, live.
my seal:

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