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Monday, 27 February 2012

2nd letter to Andrew Wiggam of Elior

By Stuart: dated 12 Feb 2012: page 1of2
Tesco’s Canteen Redditch – Employee number 925449

Please pass Copies to the following internally thank you. Failure to do so will be at your discretion.
Sharon Spray – Staff Canteen Manager
Rachael (?) – General Assistant Manager
Paul Bunker – General Manager
Payroll Department, Elior UK Limited, The Courtyard, SK11 6ET ((on the payslip))
Gilles Petit – Chief Operating Officer
Agnes Bureau Mirat – Human Resources Group Director
Tim Hammond – Chief Executive UK
Nick Boston – Chief Financial Officer (monetize)
Arran McDowell – HR Director
Holding Bercy Investissement – their respective owners & shareholders
Robert Zolade – Chairman of the Supevisory Board
Francis Markus – Co Chairman

For those above who are unaware of my grievances to date, I now refer you to the full disclosure of all my truths and facts here…


By divine grace, and for the public record, and upon your oath of office, and recorded here in writing for ever more. I hereby testify this to be my sworn truth and nothing but my sworn truth, and so it is. I am now conveying a court of common law, and will only expect written responses from now on to my grievances, and will not be involved with anything based on hearsay. I give elior full consent to hold me to account to ANY of my writings, and claim only to be telling my truth. thank you…

Dear Andrew

Thank you for your latest letter dated 24th feb 2012

For the public record and upon your oath of office of which I now bind you to in full (if applicable) I conditionally accept you have the legal and lawful authority to represent me in any way shape or form whatsoever, upon proof of claim you have my full knowing conscious consent or upon proof of claim you have an agreement or contract between me and yourself.

If you are acting as a director or otherwise on behalf of a ceo or shareholders or other persons, then please let each and every one of those people know immediately they will be assuming FULL liability and responsibility for all wrong doings done against me as in the past, as well as now and in the future. This will be yet again declared in a sworn affidavit and perhaps a writ of mandamus to the people at the top of this corporation, at a later date if required. Please make sure your superiors are prepared to allow you to act on their behalf in this capacity while continuing to fail to respond to my honest open and accountable requests…

You have supplied me page1 of a 2page starter form, of which I assume to be either gross negligence or civil / criminal misconduct. Or fraud perhaps. You have not sent the page with the terms and conditions, and I quite clearly remember this being a 2page joined up form, hence 2pages. And it does say part1 at the top if you look carefully. Why have you not sent me page 2. have you dishonored my contract now? Is somebody commiting fraud with the consent of elior international shareholders?

Then to add weight to my argument, you also send part2 of a 2part casual workers agreement without part1, with a signature from paul bunker ‘DATED 09’ but no signature from me. I can consciously knowingly and honestly inform you I have never been given this 2page casual workers agreement for me to consider. Are you going to counterclaim this sworn statement of truth to be taken as an affidavit I have just typed in hard copy accountable writing for you now to counterclaim.

Are you trying to suggest the casual workers agreement form part2 with the terms and conditions that paul dated 1-6-09 is in some way directly related to the starter form agreement WE BOTH SIGNED and dated 6-5-09. and as paul has quite clearly signed it on behalf of the employer avenance, who was taken over by elior, I am clearly stating for the public record that elior international will now be held fully liable and responsible for all grievances done to me. This will include the shareholders & ceo.

By Stuart: dated 12 Feb 2012: page 2of2
Tesco’s Canteen Redditch – Employee number 925449

I conditionally accept any elior person or employee to act on my behalf without me present, upon proof of claim you have the legal and lawful authority, or consent of contract, to require me to do so.
But for the public record, and upon your oath of office of which I bind you to, I hereby declare elior international employees have no consent or contract on my part to do this, neither do they have the legal and lawful authority to impose their jurisdiction on me like this, unless you wish to counterclaim this of-course.

I conditionally accept your offer to stand under your ‘notice of suspension’ upon proof of claim you have the legal lawful authority to require me to do so. I declare it null and void upon your failure to show the relevant standing.

I conditionally accept the ‘original grievance hearing’ validity upon proof of claim you have legal lawful authority requiring me to do so, and upon proof of claim you can give evidence to the fact that these 2 Elior employees DID NOT LIE.

I conditionally accept a request to a meeting upon proof of claim you accept BOTH my companions and at my discretion, and I am given fair notice to arrange this. Your managers seem to think 2 weeks is enough for notice of correspondence, (although paul bunker seems to think a month is in order) but as I am fair and just, and one of my companions works full time, I think 5 working days is more than reasonable or 1 weeks notice. And as Sharon spray was employed at the time of the grievance taking place, you can assume that as long as she agrees she will be the said employee unless you legally and lawfully counterclaim otherwise.

I conditionally accept to stand under the handbook upon proof of claim you have the legal and lawful authority to require me to do so.

Sadly, as you have failed on all counts to address any grievances and concerns I have raised in a legal and lawful manner, I now have no choice but to also take full responsibility for my safety and wellbeing.

Please assume all correspondence will now be carried out while concerns for my safety and wellbeing are at paramount levels. I will expect all correspondence to take place first in writing, and then with meetings, with the conditional acceptance on your part that I have my 2 companions. This is because of the gross misconduct taking place within senior levels.

Please refer to ALL my previous correspondence regarding my notice

For things to proceed, you must now all correspond with me in writing please. All else will be deemed as here say. Thank you.

Thankyou very much for taking the time to read this and I really do wish you all the best. And I am also missing my work so hopefully we can resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

Till next time
My seal:

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