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Friday, 27 January 2012

My reply to Megan and Meeting

By Stuart: dated 27 Jan 2012: page 1of4
Tesco’s Canteen Redditch – Employee number 925449

Copies forwarded to
Sharon Spray – Staff Canteen Manager
Rachael (?) – General Assistant Manager
Paul Bunker – General Manager
Payroll Department, Elior UK Limited, The Courtyard, SK11 6ET ((on the payslip))

Gilles Petit – Chief Operating Officer
Agnes Bureau Mirat – Human Resources Group Director
Tim Hammond – Chief Executive UK
Nick Boston – Chief Financial Officer (monetize)
Arran McDowell – HR Director
Holding Bercy Investissement – their respective owners & shareholders
Robert Zolade – Chairman of the Supevisory Board
Francis Markus – Co Chairman

For those above who are unaware of my grievances to date, I now refer you to the full disclosure of all my truths and facts here…

By divine grace, and for the public record, and upon your oath of office, and recorded here in writing for ever more. I hereby testify this to be my sworn truth and nothing but my sworn truth, and so it is. I am now conveying a court of common law, and will only expect written responses from now on to my grievances, and will not be involved with anything based on heresay. I give elior full consent to hold me to account to ANY of my writings, and claim only to be telling my truth. thank you…

It seems such a shame for me to have to respond in this way, but for some reason I am not being dealt with in a fair and responsible way…

On receipt of my letter from Megan Whitehead (HR Business Partner) dated by Royal Mail on 23rd Jan 2012, and after me trying desperately to be reasonable and responsive to policies and practices at elior international, I find I now have no choice to remain open and accountable and transparent, and will now insist and request that elior international do the same from now on regarding my grievances. So for the record and upon your oath of office I am asking elior and all its staff stick to formal written procedures of practice, and not meetings based on ‘essence and capture’ and are ‘not verbatim’. I am informing all elior staff regarding this that I have been grossly miss-represented in these ‘not minutes’ that ‘simply capture the essence’ and they do NOT reflect the integrity of my words in whole or in part…

Perhaps if megan allowed me to record the audio as I politely requested, and without receipt of the carbon copy of the original hand written notes by susan I requested at the meeting, this might not have taken place. I politely made it quite clear I wanted the carbon copy of the original as well and it was agreed…

Monday 23rd Jan 2012 I posted my final notice of reminder to elior recorded delivery, giving yet another 30days to achieve a suitable outcome, as all I want is my job and a legal determination with written reference as well as proof of claim. You see, I love my job!!!

Tuesday 24th Jan 2012 I go in with copies of my notice for those relevant. Rachael informs me that she has been told my letter was sent out Friday. I then handed her my notice of reminder as well as pauls.

By Stuart: dated 27 Jan 2012: page 2of4
Tesco’s Canteen Redditch – Employee number 925449

Next shift Thursday 26th Jan 2012 I go into work and Rachael hands me an envelope with 3 docs, and informs me that the same has been posted to me and I think she said I was expected to sign and return the blank contract there and then.

I looked at the docs in amazement to find the letter from Megan wasn’t signed (I think I am right here) and the minutes I thought were there, but immediately noticed there was no carbon copy of the originals as promised by Megan and Susan at the meeting. I distinctly asked for BOTH. And furthermore, there was no original contract originally signed by me and paul bunker all be it in original or copy. Instead was a blank contract. Of-course as it was not signed by me nor filled in by me, that means it wasn’t signed by me, and nor did I fill it in. so really simply put, it obviously wasn’t our original contract. And I do distinctly remember, again I remember quite clearly at the meeting susan powers said she saw a copy of my contract in my folder and would send me a copy forthwith. Consider this my testimony of truth.

So, after explaining the grievances to Rachael who is our new Assistant Manager, and not aware of all the circumstances, but bends over backwards to help and accommodate in this matter, and can inform you, I actually feel quite guilty for Rachael having to deal with me regarding this assault on my good character.
I go do my job quite brilliantly as usual, wiping my tables, cleaning my dishes, to the very best of my ability pending certain circumstances of-course, and have yet another wonderful day at work…

I get home, get the letter and proceed to read. To my amazement the letter from megan (this one was actually signed) is at best, harming to me, and at very best, is ALL based on the personal opinion of one person, after meeting me only once for 2hours, and yet, not a single code of conduct as per requested and referenced to, not a single statute or act of commerce deemed relevant to my circumstance. Nor Positive Law. Sadly this is mostly personal opinion, of which I totally disagree with, and will take to task.

She takes it upon herself to refuse my paid days thus making a legal determination (unless otherwise counterclaimed) without providing written reference as to why. Where is the copy of the working time directive I requested that applies to me. Is it positive law. Does Robert Zolade know of this? And Is this the code of practice elior chooses to enforce. Opinions based on heresay. Can that be used as evidence in a court of law if a contract is disappeared upon request. Of-course heresay can and will be dismissed in a court of law, otherwise and without exempt, unless called to the stand to give testimony. I know that much is true is it not?

Then I read the minutes, oh sorry! the ‘essence of the meeting’ that captured ‘the essence’ Do you not realize this is not good practice when it comes to realizing the ‘TRUTH’. so, for the record and upon your oath of office, and in my conveyance of common law court of public record and recorded for ever more, these essences DO NOT represent me as per the meeting. They DO NOT reflect my truth. They DO NOT reflect me in any way shape or form, after all they were not written by me. So I hereby declare them here say based on comments I made, taken out of context, and re-arranged to put it mildly. I now declare them null and void. And on that I defer to my FAITH. And so it is…

But worst of all, and I really can’t believe I am typing this. No original contract or at least a copy of the original. not even a blank one this time for me to sign, like the one handed to me at work earlier that morning in the first envelope at work. Is this standard practice elior. Are you being miss-managed, or are you endorsing this code of conduct. are you trying to force me into another contract or trying to trick me into another contract elior. Is this not ILLEGAL! Would you like a copy of my fee schedule for this before we continue elior. Just like the fee schedule I will have to attach to ALL ELIOR STAFF involved, as well as elior itself, who seek to impose and enforce me into a policy that I haven’t knowingly or consciously consented too, nor do I legally and lawfully need to. Please provide proof of claim if otherwise assumed, or a counterclaim statement if relevant, thankyou.

By Stuart: dated 27 Jan 2012: page 3of4
Tesco’s Canteen Redditch – Employee number 925449

So, not a single statute, nor code, nor act, nor policy supplied with reference. Actually nothing at all deemed as ‘color of law’ even, never minding anything lawful. Elior has so far supplied me no references at all. Just a handbook that was NEVER GIVEN TO ME on contract date. Never minding the contract I am still waiting for, and preferably the one I signed at the time of the ‘verbal contract’ made between myself and your employer and store manager mr paul bunker. I have worked for you for a long time now, and there is more than evidence and paper trail to support my case. Take my pay slips for example.

And now by divine grace, and for the public record, and upon your oath of office, and recorded publicly for ever more I would like answers to the following allegations, as well as all the previously raised issues…

Regarding megan’s response dated 20th Jan but posted 23rd

Megan thinks I seemed to think I have to wear the gloves without the POSITIVE LAW or LEGAL DETERMINATION , and to assume the contract to be STILL IN GOOD FAITH. Did you determine this yourself or is a third party involved here. Is this elior policy Please supply all signatories and names so I can later attach my fee schedule to each and every person liable, as well as elior international, as you are continually trying to force me into a NEW contract that I consciously and knowingly do NOT want. I’m happy with the one we already have thank you. But I will if susan powers and megan whitehouse and paul bunker and anyone else at elior who agree to their stance, ALL sign a declaration that clearly states that I must wear them. Or just show me the LAW or LEGAL DETERMINATION applicable please.

Now Megan has already done this, and for and on behalf of elior international, and on elior page-head which now cannot be overturned or re-butted or denied and so I hereby declare that if you do not supply me with the relevant legal lawful reference applicable for elior to make this case against me within the notice of reminder period so generously given, I will have no choice but to attach a fee schedule against elior international as employer of megan, as well as the person called megan whitehead. I, as one of the sovereign souls, and as one of the people, and not a person, do not want to do this, but I will if I have to.
With regards the signatures, I now hereby declare for the public record, and upon your oath of office, and recorded for ever more, to elior international that I will now record my seal on anything you wish, in red ink, and if ever elior ever monetizes my seal, I will seek redress in a conveyance of common law court and I will determine the lawful proceedings with the law of the common people present.

Megan, please define ‘casual arrangement’ with reference to which dictionary you are using. Please inform me as to how you made the legal determination that my verbal common law contract as recognized by a court of law has been legally determined as a ‘casual agreement’. Do you have proof of claim, or a contract please? Do you have an oath of office? Do you practice law. Did someone else determine this legally for you and do they have an oath of office or a bar card please. Please show references to how & where & why LEGALLY AND LAWFULLY. Is elior denying my verbal contract with paul bunker took place on elior & tesco property with witnesses present. Is elior denying me my due process… was the casual agreement handed to me by Rachael another contract. After all, It did require a signature. Is this not fraud!

The staff handbook – it is quite loose (how loose) it is in your contract of employment (please provide proof of claim) but we see thi handbook as friendlier (please provide proof of claim or counterclaim as per my predicament thankyou.)

By Stuart: dated 27 Jan 2012: page 4of4
Tesco’s Canteen Redditch – Employee number 925449

Annual leave. I wont entertain this argument. Show me the LEGAL LAWFUL DETERMINATION. Show me with reference. Is this not criminal or civil miss-conduct or miss-representation of law here You have your default of notice period or you will face litigation or civil criminal proceedings. I have been more than fair now!!!

I did not say I would not sign for holidays, paul bunker told me it was too late to book them AND said as I wouldn’t sign for them I wasn’t going to get them, and he then stormed out on me. This is a gross neglegance on your part so please get your facts right. And he wouldn’t give me HRs address as clearly stated in my first notice to elior.

With regards coshh. Are you TELLING ME what I can and can’t do in my own spare time? Does coshh and elior have something to hide or endorse this? After all, you put this on elior internationals page-head. Please help me with the address for this so I can make my enquiries to make sure other natural born sovereign souls are not being harmed or damaged in any way shape or form. I only want to help elior and only want to protect the people I love to work with. Are you refusing me help here elior international?

Oh, where is my contract!!! Where is my contract!!! Where is my contract!!! Under universal laws you have now been asked three times elior! Ask a judge about the law of 3s, or perhaps someone with a degree in law…

Your determination of me – YES – you are wrong, but don’t take my word for it ask your staff (staff as in plural). But for the record and for elior to note FOR EVER – after the gross miss-representation regarding your ‘capture the essence’ here say, and your refusal for me to record the audio, as well as your ACCUSATION of me recording when I was putting my bag down, it seems we both have similar traits. I will leave that there…

The minutes
I have decided to NOT post via paper mail my opinions while going through the… ‘not verbatim’ ‘not minutes’ but at least they ‘capture the essence’ hearsay and gross miss-representation of the facts because I cant afford the paper and postage. So I have decided to do this over the next week or two, and will post them online for the world to see, as I always do now. There’s nothing here that cannot be undone with the truth. I really do love you all and wish you all the best. I also love my job and want to continue working there. But don’t miss-represent me as a person anymore please. I am one of the people. And so it is…

‘’Elior International has until the 22nd Feb 2012 to respond to EACH and ALL of my concerns raised dated 22nd Nov 2011. This is more than enough time for Elior to reach a resolution between them and myself.’’

Love, light, learn, live.
Jsm My seal:

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