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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My Grievance at Work

By Stuart: dated 22 Nov 2011: page 1of4
Tesco’s Canteen Redditch – Employee number 925449

For Mr. P****** ******
For human resources Elior

My testament of truth or my sworn affidavit

After today’s meeting with Mr. P****** ******, your employer who initially employed me for and on your behalf around three years ago, I now find myself writing this sworn testimony on my behalf, as my integrity and honesty has been ridiculed by your said employer Mr. P****** ******.

After sticking a piece of white paper with no Elior page-head up over the time sheets around a week ago, mentioning no jewelry, bracelets etc, Mr. ****** then today took it upon himself to once again question the religious mementoes of which I wear upon my said self at all times. After me reminding him that on the last one to one meeting, and not long after he gave out the booklet regarding peoples sexual orientation AND respecting other peoples religion, I made it quite clear that I did NOT endorse the booklet as I believed that peoples sexual orientation to be their own business and not mine. He then said he had to be sure I wasn’t a racist and mentioned that if he had a Rastafarian employed at our work how did he know I would not be racist. Ironically, and something he obviously quite forgot, my black bracelets are my beloved mementoes to the ethnic Rastafarian culture, including bob Marley, the only music I really listened to when growing up as a little boy in south Africa, Botswana, and Durban!!!

So as you can imagine, I was extremely insulted and hurt for Mr. ****** to ask why I had ignored the no bracelets and jewelry note. So to make things a little more formal and clear I have now felt it necessary to make this sworn affidavit of truth, or my testimony of truth, and will not tolerate any more self opinionated hearsay based on another employers opinions, regarding my truth, my religion, my integrity, and so on, and so on…

For the public record, and for ever more this is my sworn testimony of truth, and if any other person or people wish to question my words, they must do so in writing and be held to account for ever more, otherwise they keep their opinions to themselves…

I am not a racist. I am a natural born sovereign soul who believes ALL religions have truth in them, and study and adopt and endorse them ALL, whether it be in whole or in part. After all it is my religion we are talking about. I do not insult other human beings or otherwise, without first reminding myself how imperfect I once was. That shuts me up instantly. I have never knowingly gone out to insult someone personally in my day-to-day activities while doing god’s work, without first having being damaged myself in someway first. And I will NOT tolerate any person or peoples insulting my religious beliefs.

For the public record and recorded for ever more: the Sikh bracelet on my right wrist is one of the five Ks from the Sikh religion and I wear this at ALL times with knowing willing and conscious intent as a showing of love and respect to the Sikh faith. Perhaps a sworn affidavit of truth being signed by many of my Sikh friends from Birmingham will add weight to my disclosure of my truth here.

By Stuart: dated 22 Nov 2011: page 2of4

The black bracelets as mentioned signify my LOVE and SUPPORT and belief for all things Rastafarian, and I claim here that from the age of 14years old, that’s 30 years now for the public record, I have always played Rastafarian music, AND worn these bracelets. As an ex dj, I can bring in some Rastafarian records in if you like!!!

The red band is something I found on the street, and took it upon myself to wear as a fashion accessory, and said to ****** I would gladly remove this, to which he blatantly laughed at me and asked why I would wear anything like that. For the record I offered to take it off, and DO NOT expect to be talked to in such a way…

After P****** ****** approach to me in the last month or so I would have to say, I am now formally and for the public record TELLING Elior there is a breakdown in communication, and proper procedure and proper conduct, is now no longer taking place. Namely my paid days off and cosh info, both of which I will come to later.

And so it is my intent to make clear and concise for the public record, and to be for ever noted in my folder, along with other documentation I have submitted, that while I am employed by Elior, I am instructing you the private entity to keep this in my records.

As before but now with witness’s to this document, I am demanding that a copy of this be sent to Elior head office to the HR department, so they can act lawfully and legally to this formal declaration of truth, MY TRUTH, and make it so that my grievance has been noted. If Elior wishes to get in touch with me regarding ANYTHING FORMAL NOW, all must be in writing personally to me, and on Elior page head, with an endorsed signature from an employer of Elior, for reasons of accountability on your part. Anything else will be considered hearsay and null and void upon receipt. How do I know what is and what isn’t endorsed by Elior head office. For the public record I am now informing you I think your procedures are flawed and the integrity of Elior is now at stake. And I can categorically tell you that as a grieved one of the people, I want my issues remedied, or me corrected if I am mistaken. But I will demand that at all times now that a third party sits in at ALL one to ones, or private meetings between me and P****** ******. I will not be spoken to like that again.

Finally if Elior, as is claimed in the booklet it handed out, which said you respect ALL RELIGIONS, for the public record, and you can most certainly consider this an FOI request, DO YOU respect all religions. My next question is do you respect mine, a simple yes or no will do. And for the public record if you fail to respond in writing within 30days I will assume that you stand under my question, and you then DO respect my religion, and that includes ALL my declared nuances. My faith is my faith, not yours! And so it is…

If required by Elior, you can consider this document a waiver of any and all responsibility on Elior’s behalf, regarding my bits and pieces. I assume in good faith that I will not harm or injure another human being, and will take all steps to ensure this is the case! This is my sworn testimony over now. Thank you.

Now the religious and faith grievance has been recorded for ever here as a sworn affidavit and declaration of my truth (your legal department will hopefully understand this).

By Stuart: dated 22 Nov 2011: page 3of4

Cosh and assert lemon:

At our last cosh meeting, an issue came up regarding the safe and effective use of assert lemon. I requested from the cosh representative for the cat sheet and data sheet regarding the safe and effective use of assert lemon with or without gloves. As there were a couple of people who raised concerns regarding its safe and effective use, I took it upon myself to raise this issue at the last meeting. It turned out that although my manager was supplying very thin gloves as opposed to more durable ones we once used, he was still exercising more caution than was required by the cosh rep, who said that regarding assert lemon, it was at the discretion of each and every one of the people at work. I asked for the info that was not made available at the time to be forwarded to me, and this has still not been done. So hopefully Elior will inform me formally, and in writing, and on Elior page-head, as to why the delay. I await your response. Or maybe Elior can act on my behalf and find out why I have not had a response in writing yet. After all, is that not what cosh is for.

Finally this time we were asked to sign a declaration to state we were there and discussed certain issues the rep brought up. As there was never a signing before, and as I do not endorse using my signature for just anything, could you please inform me in writing as to why people now have to sign documentation for cosh. Again for the public record I will not be signing any such document, as those statutes, acts, and codes, do not apply to me. If there is anything in positive law that has changed, then please send me an original exact copy for my reference thank you…

My paid days off:

Two days before Mr. P****** ****** took his time off, he handed out a blank no Elior page-head and no authorized signature document to all staff, stating certain policies he expected all staff to adhere to. Did you know about this hr department? Did Elior endorse this? Did Elior take it upon themselves to add or change the terms and conditions of my contract WITHOUT MY CONSENT? For the public record and upon your oath of office (if relevant) I DID NOT give consent to this action. I am now informing you that someone, not acting in good faith tried to re-negotiate my contract without my knowing conscious consent. Under civil code, relevant to the rules of equity and commerce, am I not right in saying that this alone is a criminal offence. Of-course I am very happy with the very first contract I signed although after nearly three years, you still have not sent me my copy of it at all. As mentioned in my previous correspondence with you through your employer and representative Mr. P****** ******, I now no longer stand under certain jurisdictions, and do not consent to them, and so will not waiver any of my unalienable rights and will retain all of them. Elior on the other hand is a corporate entity, and so follows the laws and statutes and codes of conduct, as well as the statutes of equity and commerce. So why is my contract being changed without my consent. I await your reply. For the public record, if you do not respond to this within 30days of receipt, I will assume you stand under all I allege, and will assume that you agree I did not, nor have I ever consciously knowingly ever given consent to this. Thank you

By Stuart: dated 22 Nov 2011: page 4of4

A month before this I asked P****** if he could just pick any old 12days n book me off as I really wasn’t bothered at the time when they were, and thought it might also actually help him with the rotas. No feedback ever came of this, but don’t really think there is an issue here.

Recently, in between his time off after receiving the no page-head document (which I took as hearsay) I asked about my 12days paid off. He informed me I could not have them because I would not sign the slip to take them. He also quite clearly implied I would now loose them. I suggested to P****** that maybe we needed to talk to hr or head office, as it is not my intention to make Elior's life difficult, but will insist on seeing in writing, the legal lawful reason as to why I need to sign a document to get these days off. Why? What does Elior need my signature for? P****** said he was my boss, and I wont get my days off if I don’t sign the relevant paperwork. He also did not give me the address to human resources department when I asked him. Is this standard practice for your managers Elior? I asked for your details so I could contact you and he did NOT supply them.

So, for the public record, and upon your oath of office (if relevant) please supply to me within 30days of receipt of this, a written original copy of the legal lawful positive law as to why I cannot have these days off without having to sign for them. If I need to sign for them, then please show me in writing where and why. Please also supply with reference to, the reasons why I have lost ALL my paid days. Is this working time directive policy or is this Elior policy???

Also please supply, with reference a copy to all assumed responsibilities regarding days off, such as notice to taking days off, and when they can be taken off, and between what dates, and so on and so on. For the public record, if it’s not in my original contract and you cannot supply me copies of written references within 30days of receipt of this as to why I should adhere to these, then please assume I do not stand under them. I will try to be reasonable with Elior provided you do the same.

And am I right in saying that Elior has chosen to stand under the working time directive. Please supply me a copy of the codes relating to this subject matter that Elior has taken upon itself to stand under. Thank you.

Finally : As before mentioned, and again now, especially after today’s outbursts by your employee Mr. P****** ******, I am now informing you I will NOT sit in a one to one, or any private conference with Mr. ******. I will request for another assistant to sit in only for reasons of accountability regarding what was said and what was not said. That person will be they’re simply as a witness, no more. I will be approaching my upstairs manager S****** S****** to act in this matter if she will.

Thank you
By: Stuart

Copies forwarded to
S****** ***** – Staff Canteen Manager
R****** ***** – General Assistant Manager
P****** ****** – General Manager
Payroll Department, Elior UK Limited, The Courtyard, SK11 6ET ((on the payslip))

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