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Monday, 23 January 2012

Final Notice of Reminder for Elior

By Stuart: dated 22 Jan 2012: page 1of1
Tesco’s Canteen Redditch – Employee number 925449

Copies forwarded to
Sharon ***** – Staff Canteen Manager
Rachael (?) – General Assistant Manager
Paul ****** – General Manager
Payroll Department, Elior UK Limited, The Courtyard, SK11 6ET ((on the payslip))

Final Notice of Reminder

After Susan Powers request on 16th Dec 2011 for a further Grace period to arrange a meeting and discuss my grievances, I gladly and graciously gave a further 30days to allow for the matter at hand to be resolved.

After speaking with Megan (?) and Susan Powers on the 4th Jan 2012, I was made aware by Megan that some notes of concern raised by myself, including others raised at the meeting, might require a little more time for her to answer.

As I thoroughly enjoy my job, and only want the truth to be revealed, and will gladly assist in any way whatsoever to achieve the disclosure of the truth and the facts pertinent to my grievances, I have graciously decided to yet again provide Elior International a FURTHER 30 days grace period.

For the public record and upon your oath of office (if applicable) this will be the last extension, as I firmly believe that 90days (3 months) is more than enough time for any Corporation to deal with grievances of any sort.

So, for the public record, and upon your oath of office (if applicable) Elior International has until the 22nd Feb 2012 to respond to EACH and ALL of my concerns raised dated 22nd Nov 2011. This is more than enough time for Elior to reach a resolution between them and myself.

Failure to respond in this time provided will be an automatic Notice of Default on the part of Elior. Upon this, further action will have to be taken be myself, albeit at the expense of Elior’s good reputation, regarding Civil matters as well as Codes of Conduct, Human Rights concern, etc.

I really do hope Elior can put this matter to rest, in a formal and proper manner, as set out by the very codes of conduct, they claim to abide by.

Ps. Thanks for the wonderful job I have, and I really do wish you all the best in your new year.

Love, light, learn, live.

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