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Friday, 16 December 2011

Susan Powers of Elior Response

a confirmation of appointment, by susan powers, after coming in to see me personally, and me agreeing to offer a further grace period of 30 days that i so generouslly made. after all, its about the truth, not me!!! - well, isnt it!!!

jsm: dated 2012 01 03 - meeting tm, tbh something just happened and its got me quite stumped. i really dont care if its me because im ok, im safe, and i cant be shaken, well, not really, not now anyway. come what may, the truth will hurt and set me free all at the same time i hope...

but someone else just took a stand and it took me quite by surprise. so now i have another 1 of the people standing up, and allthough in advertadly or not (couldnt really give a shit about the spelling, u c its the truth youre reading here) im now having to consider another someones position...

wow!!! - its really nice to know youre not alone, do you know just how nice that is. makes it all worth it you know. makes it all worth it. and money cant buy that. and so to that 1 of the people, once you realise it, im saying thankyou. thankyou!

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