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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Advanced Symbiotic Technology

David Adair at Area 51 - Advanced Symbiotic Technology.

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David Tyson Adair
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Back Story

David Adair. ET and Space Science Speaker, extraordinaire.

David Adair has had extraordinary experiences at Area 51 when, as a mere teenager, he said he examined a gigantic engine which had an "exoskeleton" shaped liked a number eight. Adair was asked to evaluate the object (which had a damaged core), based on work he had done with his own advanced rocketry.

Among the surprising elements to the engine, which he described as having an "organic technology" similar in appearance to the designs of H.R. Giger (who created the look of the original Aliens film), was a set of "cascading wave forms" that arose from flesh contact with the structure. Adair speculated that because of the huge size of the engine, it could power a craft the size of a football field, or possibly even larger. "There's no way on God's earth we could have built anything like this," he said.

jsm: another fine man whos done a fine job for us all... nuff said!


R.Luciano Monteleone said...

with all the irrefutable evidence we
still can't see!!!

I can't even imagine the intellectual height of these individuals

but I understand the ideas and technologies.

that would be the coolest engine Advanced Symbiotic Technology

I wouldn't mind to take a ride to the edge of our galaxy


the energy is already in us

it is our core the singularity

spooky-action at a distance
thought traverses the universe
in the moment of the thought

particle physics
the quantum flux is thought

R.Luciano Monteleone said...

You have opened a door. Yet all I see is a room; vast, bathed in an ephemeral light
The room is empty, and all encompassing. No walls only Pure Light;
Hello!!! Hello!!!
There; a floor, a foot-hold abates discernment and trifles of attachment, only phantasms
shadows, viscus memories of flesh, A touch , A kiss, A Thought; Odoriferous made manifest.
And with Eyes
Tis me.
The Hall of mirrors.
Greetings and Salutations