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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Every Single "Court / Police Department / Child Services" Across the United States REGISTERED on UKs Dun & Bradstreet

jsm: now listen to this peeps


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(( listen @ 7 minutes ))

- o -

jsm: excellent, now totally unrelated as ever with jsm, allow me to introduce you to this wonderfull film. hmmm, i wondered why Mel was given such a hard time...

ah, hmm, oops! co-incidentally, after being uploaded for more than 2 and a half years, the day after i watch it to post this, it quite literally dissappears...

The Patriot - Mel Gibson

so heres the trailer instead. and if you wanna know why i reccomend it then feel free to buy it.

oh and ps, thanx to the two UFOs i saw down the Mikeys Chippey Lakeside Road towards the Lake the other day. you are nothing less than good company and a joy to see. as ever and always your loyal sovereign friend. pps, keep it coming... ;)

1 comment:

jsm said...

Gandhi - the Movie

jsm: its amazing really, just how differently i see some of these films now...

njoy peeps!