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Friday, 31 December 2010

The Regulation of Geoengineering

House of Commons
Science and Technology Committee

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Geoengineering describes activities specifically and deliberately designed to effect a change in the global climate with the aim of minimising or reversing anthropogenic (that is human caused) climate change. Geoengineering covers many techniques and technologies but splits into two broad categories: those that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere such as sequestering and locking carbon dioxide in geological formations; and those that reflect solar radiation. Techniques in this category include the injection of sulphate aerosols into the stratosphere to mimic the cooling effect caused by large volcanic eruptions.

The technologies and techniques vary so much that any regulatory framework for
geoengineering cannot be uniform. Instead, those techniques, particularly carbon removal, that are closely related to familiar existing technologies, could be regulated by developing the international regulation of the existing regimes to encompass geoengineering. For other technologies, especially solar refection, new regulatory arrangements will have to be developed.

There are three reasons why, we believe, regulation is needed. First, in the future some geoengineering techniques may allow a single country unilaterally to affect the climate. Second, some—albeit very small scale—geoengineering testing is already underway. Third, we may need geoengineering as a “Plan B” if, in the event of the failure of “Plan A”—the reduction of greenhouse gases—we are faced with highly disruptive climate change. If we start work now it will provide the opportunity to explore fully the technological, environmental, political and regulatory issues.

We are not calling for an international treaty but for the groundwork for regulatory
arrangements to begin. Geoengineering techniques should be graded with onsideration to factors such as trans-boundary effect, the dispersal of potentially hazardous materials in the environment and the direct effect on ecosystems. The regulatory regimes for geoengineering should then be tailored accordingly.

The controls should be based on a set of principles that command widespread agreement—for example, the disclosure of geoengineering research and open publication of results and the development of governance arrangements before the deployment of geoengineering techniques.

The UN is the route by which, eventually, we envisage the regulatory framework operating but first the UK and other governments need to push geoengineering up the international agenda and get processes moving.

This inquiry was innovative in that we worked collaboratively with the US House of
Representatives Science and Technology Committee, the first international joint working of this kind for a House of Commons select committee. We found the experience constructive and rewarding and, we hope, successful. We are enthusiastic supporters of collaborative working between national legislatures on topics such as geoengineering with international reach.

Our Report covering the regulation of geoengineering will now dovetail into a wider inquiry that the House of Representatives Committee is carrying out on geoengineering. Science, technology and engineering are key to solving global challenges and we commend to our successor committee international collaboration as an innovative way to meet these challenges.

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jsm: well, f**k me, a conspiracy eh! hmmm, obviouslly this doccument is a fake, i a fraud, and no such tesla technology exists. but heres the real easy bit, and im sooo glad to be putting this out in the public domain for all to read for ever more. that i as a god loving and caring sovereign human being of this global community, i now hereby declare and formally announce, i do not concent to this, and if i am party responsable in any way shape form, i humbly ask creator god, and all the spirits & souls n ghosts n ghouls of past present n new to guide me accordingly, no! no! dont guide me, i am asking you as a friend, help me, thats it, simple really, help me put a stop to unbeknowingst and unconcented activites such as this one as i have just declared...

right, merry Xmas all and have a f**n good new year. mines all been bloody great and getting better all the time. now im off to my m8s to get pissed, play guitar, n mmo's. love u all n byeee...

ps. and if dreams really do come true, then hopefully i will get to meet the woman of my dreams eh! ah well, love n light all, but dont forget to live...

till next time


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Cayce Health Cures

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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Reclaiming Your Sovereign Citizenship

by Johnny Liberty

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- 'Allodial Titles and Land Patents' -
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jsm: Wow! - imagine that, the controllers themselves are sovereign. well, that really does make so much sense, and all we need to do is to declare our own individual intent, and what we do and dont concent to. allthough i have to say, you dont have to rant and rave like i do. instead, just go within your thoughts and declare your own intent, and know, that god will hear. of-course the rest is up to god, and i will deffer to the creator on that one... i love u all, n wish you all the best all...

Sunday, 26 December 2010

The Lacerta Files

The Lacerta Files
Reptoids of the Inner Earth

I certify that the following text is the absolute truth and no work of fiction. These are parts of a transcript of an interview I’ve made with a non-human and reptilian being in December 1999.

This female being was already in contact with a friend of mine (whose name is given only with the abbreviation E.F. in the text) since some months. Let me declare, that I was all my life a skeptic about UFOs, aliens and other weird things and I thought that E.F. tells me just dreams or fictitious stories when he talked with me about his First Contacts with the non-human being "Lacerta".

I was still a skeptic when I met this being on December 16 last year in that small warm room in the remote house of my friend near to a town in the south of Sweden, despite the fact that I saw now with my own eyes that she was not human. She has told and shown me so many unbelievable things during that meeting that I can’t deny the reality and the truth of her words any longer.

This is not another of that wrong UFO papers which claim to tell the truth but tell in fact just fiction, I’m convinced that this transcript contains the only truth and therefore you should read it.


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jsm: hmmm, now i found this thoroughly interesting, and always enjoying anything that provokes me mentally really. and taking into account the sightings i have had, aswell as the informative journey i have encountered for the past 5 to 10 years, i am most definatelly prepared to keep my opened mind... :)
love, light, learn, live all...
but dont forget to live...

2010 12 22 - Sir Laurence Gardner

From Stardust To Stargate - 30.2Mb
Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark - 17.8Mb

It is with great sadness we announce that Laurence Gardner passed away on the 12 August 2010, after a prolonged illness.
Home Page Of Laurence Gardner

jsm: I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this gentleman and wish him all the best on the other side. I also send my condolences to all his friends and loved ones...
thanks Laurence...

I am passing on these audio files in the hope that i help to spread his message and hope to attract a wider audience to his website...
love jsm...

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Dr. Eugene Podkletnov

Discussing Other Technologies...

jsm: well, what can i say. i absolutelly loved this. during my period of shall we say, being guided by god, or the spirits & souls n ghosts & gouls of past present n new, or maybe those visitors we seem to have occasionally too, i actually read a shit load of text files reffering to experiences like this gentleman, and one of them happened to be the smoke one as mentioned in this video...

now look, i mean i really do know jack f**n shit, but i knew that free energy existed, you just need the right crystals to extract it so to speak, oops! ;) and if you wanna go flyin somewhere just knock yourself up a couple of heavy duty ceramic capacitors (or 3 if youre the sensible type) and go float...

but seriouslly, this planet is a free energy device isnt it, and arent we as we get vitamin d from the sun, i suppose it really depends on your definitions. so dont go getting lost in the words, but instead, ignore my terrible grammer, and use your intuition. thats right! - you decide. now isnt that a novel idea eh!!!

p.s. i really wish Kerry of Project Camelot would interview this guy, she really does get the best out of her guests.

till next time...

Monday, 13 December 2010

Merry Xmas World!!!

I F**n Love You!!!

jsm: and dont you ever forget, i f**n love you. it might not always come across, but i do, and so it is...
love, light, learn, live all.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Catherine Austin Fitts: The Looting Of America

jsm: a must watch. London anyone ;)

Friday, 10 December 2010

Brigalow Corp and The Loss of Ownership Rights in Australia

The CrowHouse

jsm: its more of the 'Common Law' same from me again peeps, and from another part of the globe this time. But i do wonder if they have heard of these guys...
AIB RADIO county assembly

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Every Single "Court / Police Department / Child Services" Across the United States REGISTERED on UKs Dun & Bradstreet

jsm: now listen to this peeps


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(( listen @ 7 minutes ))

- o -

jsm: excellent, now totally unrelated as ever with jsm, allow me to introduce you to this wonderfull film. hmmm, i wondered why Mel was given such a hard time...

ah, hmm, oops! co-incidentally, after being uploaded for more than 2 and a half years, the day after i watch it to post this, it quite literally dissappears...

The Patriot - Mel Gibson

so heres the trailer instead. and if you wanna know why i reccomend it then feel free to buy it.

oh and ps, thanx to the two UFOs i saw down the Mikeys Chippey Lakeside Road towards the Lake the other day. you are nothing less than good company and a joy to see. as ever and always your loyal sovereign friend. pps, keep it coming... ;)

Manfred Max-Neef on Democracy Now!!!

Democracy Now

jsm: never heard of the bloke, dont know anything about him, but doesnt he just speak the truth eh!!!