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Friday, 9 July 2010

its about Divine Time too!!!

AIB RADIO county assembly

PAGS's Community Call


Sam Davis and Remedy Community Call

Tim Turner (America Can Be Free)

world-wide light-workers call

* California will no longer require Drivers License *
Restore America Plan interviews Tim Turner

Guardian Elder, Tim Turner, of the Restore America Plan was recently interviewed on the program "Waking Up in America" with host Dr. Valerie Anne Kirgaard, and apparently he has good news to report. Here's the link:
The interview with Tim begins exactly at the 11 minute mark. It's about 9 minutes long. Is some of the stuff he's reporting actually true? Is the Republic really restored? From what I know about Tim Turner, he isn't stupid, he's a man on a mission, he knows his stuff and doesn't fool around. 
Let's discuss and debate!
Daily Paul

jsm: its time, but hey, god knows best eh! :)
love, light, learn, live all...
but dont forget to live!

(this post covers America and common law vs maritime law. put simply, i really cant be bothered typing out what i think is now taking place. if you think you might be interested, then listen to some of these shows, and see if this resonates with you.)

(pps. london square mile, can you hear the winds of change taking hold. no? oh, ok then, lets wait n see... :)


jsm said...

jsm: and why oh why do i feel the latest aib radio file that was damaged is going to be an important one ???

jsm said...

couple more files added to the one hit wonder folder in humyo on the menu on the right. if humyos new crap layout pisses you off, dont worry, get a free account, then download all my files.