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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

My Inventions by Nikola Tesla

By Nikola Tesla
At the age of 63 Tesla tells the story of his creative life.
First published in 1919 in the Electrical Experimenter magazine.

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I. My Early Life

The progressive development of man is vitally dependent on invention. It is the most important product of his creative brain. Its ultimate purpose is the complete mastery of mind over the material world, the harnessing of the forces of nature to human needs. This is the difficult task of the inventor who is often misunderstood and unrewarded. But he finds ample compensation in the pleasing exercises of his powers and in the knowledge of being one of that exceptionally privileged class without whom the race would have long ago perished in the bitter struggle against pitiless elements.

Speaking for myself, I have already had more than my full measure of this exquisite enjoyment, so much that for many years my life was little short of continuous rapture. I am credited with being one of the hardest workers and perhaps I am, if thought is the equivalent of labor, for I have devoted to it almost all of my waking hours. But if work is interpreted to be a definite performance in a specified time according to a rigid rule, then I may be the worst of idlers. Every effort under compulsion demands a sacrifice of life-energy. I never paid such a price. On the contrary, I have thrived on my thoughts.

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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

BP risks Workers Lives!!!


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jsm: this small CliP was taken from the Jeff Rense show dated 10th June 2010, and reveals how little Companies like BP really care, and how much the Common Law of the Land is needed back once again. All in good time eh!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Freedom Flotilla

10 Dead Bodies

what about this

Friday, 11 June 2010

Your Health & Wellbeing

jsm: please watch this peeps. its good for your health...

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill & the Media Blackout

Copyright - The Veritas Show

(text ripped from Kerrys blog)

kerry's blog | Archived Blogs
June 8
Lock-down on the Gulf
From a source:

"IMPORTANT!!!!!!!Hello i just got this mp3 interview with James Fox (i kinow what i saw en into the blue), done by the veritasshow today (this was the text that was posted with it by Mel Fabregas..)" -- a source.

["A few minutes ago, I conducted a short interview with documentary filmmaker, James Fox. He is presently in Grand Isle, Louisiana. The closest location to the Gulf oil spill. Before I spoke to James I received a few unsubstantiated reports that I put on the side.

What I'm about to share with you is extremely important. There is an absolute MEDIA BLACKOUT in the area. People are being arrested everywhere. Hotels in a 70-mile radius are completely sold out, yet, you don't see any vans or reporters filming. It's as if the entire area was under siege.

James Fox has witnessed this and he basically just arrived. He says he saw multiple Chevron helicopters flying. He has not seen any military activity. It's as if the oil companies had taken over. James expected to rent a plane to fly over it and that is not possible. The area above the oil spill is now a NO-FLY-ZONE. He will be there for two weeks.

I am issuing this bulleting because James Fox's name needs to be out in the public, as there is a possibility that he will be arrested. I have plans to talk to the Grand Isle's Police Department to get further clarification regarding these arrests, since James people don't even know who is conducting these arrests. James had the opportunity to talk to the son of one of the cleanup workers (former fisherman) and he told him no one is talking. He did say that no one is being told the extent of this disaster. It is much bigger than what is being reported.

The government is NOT IN CONTROL. The ones exercising all influence are the oil companies. Where is our FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT? I will be posting my interview with James at the forum shortly. When I called him I wanted to remain optimistic and felt people were exaggerating or simply fear mongering. After my conversation with James I can categorically say that my level of concern has risen to unprecedented levels and now I'm putting more credence to the reports I'm receiving.] -- Mel Fabregas reporting

CLICK HERE for the mp3 (18min long) feel free to post it, this info has to be out in the open."

Posted here to support James Fox's request to put this info out there. MP3 coming shortly.. or go to Mel Fabregas's site.

(text ripped from Kerrys blog)




jsm: me? well, wouldnt surprise me, but it would also be a good cover story for the committee of 300 or the likes to meet in private wouldnt you say...

ps. my dear british peeps dont forget the 'BBC' stands for British Broadcasting CORPORATION, not public service. do you get it yet? - its owned!!!

finally, this is ALL a crime, and under common law the likes of I will seek address. and so it f**n is!!!

love, light, learn, live all,,,
but dont forget to let go n live a little sometime eh... :)
till next time

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

2 + 2 = ?



Queen Orders Obama to vacate Washington DC

AIB RADIO county assembly

jsm: last couple of shows, very interesting. TS-363182 is actually just as interesting, and deals with the banks. hmmm, i wonder if this has anything to do with bank foreclosures? what! you mean you havent been listening to the allamerican gold podcasts. and what has this to do with the UK you say, hey i mean, what the f**k do i know, right! ;)