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Friday, 12 March 2010

A Tribute to Nikola Tesla

The Greatest Inventor of All Time
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jsm said...

Much More on Nikola Tesla here

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not applicable to post

(jsm: info/disinfo, dont know dont care, cause even covering your tracks will leave a trail, i only have to wait, watch, look, listen & learn...)


I have decided to quit putting the Jeff Rense Radio Show on The Pirate Bay.

On March 6 an Anonymous user posted a torrent Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2010.03.02. This is the same name I used for my torrent of that day. The person who posted it even used the same Description I used for that day. The file is compressed and and is 67 meg. I saw a simular thing happen with a Coast to Coast AM show and when I downloaded it there was an executable file that was compressed. I didn't run the file. Bad things may have happened. You can view this post here

Here is where my post is

I learned about this torrent because I use to search for torrents. This is a nice site that searches many other sites for torrents. When I searched for Jeff Rense I found out that this torrent had replaced mine because it was newer.

The Pirate Bay should not allow two torrents with the same name. They don't provide a way to report this torrent.

I appreciate what The Pirate Bay has done for the P2P community but I will not put up with their problems any more. It's not unusual to take 30 minutes to post a torrent because the site is overloaded. Twice my acount was deleted and I was able to recreate it with the same user name and password, but my previous torrents were changed to Anonymous.

Since the begining a February I have been uploading the torrents on I really like this site. You can report torrents if you think there is a problem with them and they have an internal mail system to contact other members. Also you cannot upload as Anonymous.

The problem with Demonoid is if you are not a member you are limited to 5 torrents a week I think. Membership is not always open but I read somewhere on the site that it is open for new members arround the beginning of the each month. I found it it open on 3 February.

You can use this link to find the Jeff Rense torrents torrents.

Since Demonoid may be a problem for nonmembers I looked at a lot of other sites an found another one that I like. They also have internal email and you can report torrents. You do not have to be a member to download torrents. Here is the link for my torrents.

Have a Wonderful Day


jsm: thanx gk, isnt it amazing. i got a feeling something was up with these torrents, you could say syncronicities, or maybe even intuition or intevention, but anyways, now im consoled. my instinct was correct, and now its noted for all eternity!!! its time to move on. thankyou thankyou thankyou gk for your hard work...

love, light, learn, live all

ps. dont forget to live peeps!