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Friday, 26 March 2010

Hollies Story is Back,,,

The list of offenders produced by Hollie was as follows:

Aberdeen Paedophile Rape Ring Members

Denis Charles Mackie

Greg Mackie

Graeme Mackie

Gillian Mackie

Jack Buchanan

Evelyn Buchanan

Sheriff Graeme Buchanan

David Smith

Wyn Dragan

Terry Major (Police Officer, Grampian)

Sylvia Major

Helen MacDonald (Carer for Hollie Grieg)

Ian MacDonald

Carol Low

We must also repeat the names of some of the known victims that were named by Hollie and therefore would be prime witnesses any case brought before the courts:

Known Victims

Hollie Greig

Richard Dragan

Katherine Major

Jennifer Major

Two children of Ian and Helen Macdonald

Two children of Graeme and Gillian Mackie

the crowhouse

jsm: Jeff Rense has brought this story back up and i am trully gratefull for all his efforts, so much so i have decided to blatently upload a copy of this file without his concent, and hereby declare so in writing, in case he decides to sue my ass for it. ps Jeff, thanx for giving a shit, and now its my turn...
love, light, learn, live all,
but dont forget to live.


jsm said...

jsm: short n sweet.

i was going to post this, then deleted it, read some mort london based articles, then realised i had to say this...

to the london papers, perhaps you should read you own articles, the papertrail from the past, you know its all there, but ah, you know that allready dont you...

power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutelly...

so dont blame the vatican, blame centralised power structures hell bent on, well, you know, keeping power...

its so simple, but you really do need to realise this rather than knowing it. let go of your powerbase and look at those around you as equals. its really that simple...

then watch as power and corruption become meaningless traits of the past. no longer needed, aswell as the weaknesses and traits we carry for generations, without taking or assuming any responsabillity for...

its simple, just start caring again, and do what you think is right, and not what keeps you in your comfort zone. see, you have nothing to fear but fear itself...

me? well, i dunno where all that came from but i can certainlly tell you im not quite there yet, but i am trying, and i will get there...

i think its time to start reporting the truth and come what may, i WILL hold my head up high with the highest of giants, while for ever reminding myself NEVER to look down on another, without first realising that i am only looking down on myself...

nuff said.

jsm said...

Red-Ice Radio

Anne Greig & Robert Green - Sexual Abuse of Hollie Greig, The Scottish Establishment Peadophile Ring & Case Cover Up.

Download Audio here

jsm said...


Child Snatching by the UK State
From Alcuin Bramerton

The paedophile sex and Satanism trade in UK governing circles in Scotland.

Advance Notice: In the UK at 11.00am on Saturday 10th April 2010 there will be a conference entitled Child Snatching by the State. Speakers will include Brian Gerrish, Kevin Annett, Teresa Cooper, Jack Frost and Jane Webb.

The conference is being organised by UK Column and will take place at the Stafford Rangers Social Club, Marston Road, Stafford, ST16 3BX.

In recent years, there has been a steady increase in media reports concerning mothers and fathers, grandparents and families reporting the taking of children from their parents and homes by UK Social Services. Most significantly, many children are taken using false evidence, psychiatric reports and false accusations by UK Social Services, in collusion with local authorities, police, the judiciary and other agencies.

more at link...