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Monday, 1 March 2010

March 2010


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jsm: the calling, hmmm a good watch, a bit like ZEITGEIST the movie, very interesting, very enlightening, and very informative allbethem a little too polished for me at times. wanna be more informed, go get some popcorn and watch 'Ring of Power'. prepare to be openminded peeps, your gonna need to be...

ps. you might also be interested in Project Camelots latest video called The Anglo-Saxon Mission presented by Bill Ryan which tells me nothing really as I allready discovered all this info. But nevertheless, along with a particular vision last night concerning a tall blond handsome knight in shinning armour i think standing near what was a big crown and lion inscribed in rock a bit like the london crown thing, and a thought about the knights of the round table, has inspired this posting, sort of, i think, maybe. ah well whatever...

( jsm: i will embed the Camelot video once it has been updated )

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jsm said...

The Garrison Tapes

part 01
part 02
part 03
part 04
part 05
part 06
part 07
part 08
part 09
part 10
part 11

John Barbour's World

jsm: well, the truth is most certainlly out there and many more people are awakening to the realities within the world in which we ALL play our small but significant parts. i for one intend to do just that...

loadsa luv to all and One ;)