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Monday, 29 March 2010

IRS gone by Feb 2011 ???

Download mp3 - 100Mb

taken from
The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

jsm: i cant actually find the talkshoe this was lifted from so if u find it let me know, or if i find it i will update the post...

Friday, 26 March 2010

Fulford on Rense - March 24, 2010

jsm: now this has been the most enlightening show to date with Ben, as for the first time Ben has said something to Jeff that I have sort of figured out for myself a while back. DONT make the assumption all in the Fed are baaad. I wouldnt be at all surprised if there were a Patriot or two in there somewhere.

And do you know, i actually believe some of the clues are within my small humble posts i have made over the years (maritime & common law folks), thanx to some divine guidance i believe, but hey! what do i know...


"The Ides of March 2010"
LaRouche Webcast: March 13, 2010
March 13, 2010 Webcast

ps. the City of London must be held to account to.

Letter from a Patriot

All American Gold Radio

any relation to this?

Naomi Wolf - The End of America

how about this,,,

Brian Gerrish - Common Purpose

till next time peeps!

Hollies Story is Back,,,

The list of offenders produced by Hollie was as follows:

Aberdeen Paedophile Rape Ring Members

Denis Charles Mackie

Greg Mackie

Graeme Mackie

Gillian Mackie

Jack Buchanan

Evelyn Buchanan

Sheriff Graeme Buchanan

David Smith

Wyn Dragan

Terry Major (Police Officer, Grampian)

Sylvia Major

Helen MacDonald (Carer for Hollie Grieg)

Ian MacDonald

Carol Low

We must also repeat the names of some of the known victims that were named by Hollie and therefore would be prime witnesses any case brought before the courts:

Known Victims

Hollie Greig

Richard Dragan

Katherine Major

Jennifer Major

Two children of Ian and Helen Macdonald

Two children of Graeme and Gillian Mackie

the crowhouse

jsm: Jeff Rense has brought this story back up and i am trully gratefull for all his efforts, so much so i have decided to blatently upload a copy of this file without his concent, and hereby declare so in writing, in case he decides to sue my ass for it. ps Jeff, thanx for giving a shit, and now its my turn...
love, light, learn, live all,
but dont forget to live.

Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth

by Stuart Holroyd

- --Download-- -
Podcast files 1of3 - 45.7Mb

Podcast files 2of3 - 61.2Mb

Podcast files 3of3 - 50.4Mb

The subject of UFOs - flying saucers - used to be a matter of violent controversy. Now the argument has subsided into a kind of sullen deadlock. The people who read Flying Saucer Review are more certain than ever that the phenomena are genuine - whether or not they are really ’visitors from outer space’. The skeptics now simply decline to discuss the matter, as if it were really too silly for words. Yet if they were not hopelessly intolerant and narrow-minded, the present book would lead some of them to agree that ’ufologists’ are not all cranks and gulls.

The central figure in this book is Dr Andrija Puharich, an electronics engineer and inventor, described by Aldous Huxley as ’one of the most brilliant minds in parapsychology. Puharich is probably best known for his ’discovery’ of Uri Geller, the Israeli psychic who was launched to fame in the early 1970s when he bent spoons on British television. By that time, Puharich was already the author of two remarkable books: The Sacred Mushroom, describing his investigation of a Dutch sculptor who produced detailed memories of a ’past life’ in ancient Egypt, and Beyond Telepathy, a balanced account of some impeccable experiments with well-known ’psychics’. No ’psychical researcher’ in England or America had the slightest doubt that Puharich was a serious and totally honest observer of parapsychological phenomena.
= = = = = = =

jsm: hmmm, gonna need to listen to this again at some point, but it amuses me how some names in the political circles keep cropping up in the strangest of places. very esoterical at times, and if channeling is your thing, then you might like this. me? well, theres casey and a miriad to boot up to today, and i most certainlly do NOT think they were all mad. i think they were being given a message, and i am going to make it my job to try to understand. well, try anyway...

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Magnificent Deception

goto Love for Life web-site
watch on google, and Divergent Films brings you the limited edition version of The Magnificent Deception, Rob Menard's newest video on the concepts of Freedom, Law, and Commerce, and how they relate to Persons, Humans, and Freesouls-On-Land. Learn about the Notice of Understanding and Intent, and also the Claim of Right process. This is the preview version of the Sequel to Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception...

jsm: now i had originally linked to this, but since viewing it again, i now consider it important enough to be bumped to its own blog posting. kinda makes you realise what makes me tik then,,,

Love, Light, Learn, Live all.

Nephilim Mother Genesis Project

The Byte Show
hosted by George Ann Hughes

jsm: heavy heavy show this, and allthough i dont claim to know much about this subject, i do know we all celebrate halloween in this beautifull country we call the UK, and have come to wonder, WHY? and where it originated from...

Friday, 12 March 2010

A Tribute to Nikola Tesla

The Greatest Inventor of All Time
original source here

Monday, 8 March 2010

Show me the Law

talk show appearances with Historian Ralph Epperson

- goto humyo folder -

- or -

(listen from 24mins onward)

jsm: embed still not working. maybe just a prob on my pc, or maybe googles spooked...
love, light, learn, live all,,,

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Svali, Abuse, & Child Abuse

no embed? - then listen here

thanx to
Project Camelot & Arctic Beacon Radio
for their work.

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World Exclusive! The mother of Holly Grieg will be a Guest on the Paul Drockton Radio Show Tomorrow at 5 PM Greenwich Mean Time (12 PM Eastern). For those unfamiliar with this story, Holly is a little girl with Down's Syndrome that was abused by a group of pedophile Masons and Politicians. It is a horrific story and has been banned in the UK by the media.
(thanx to Jeff Rense yet again)
The Paul Drockton Radio Show - rss radio

The Paul Drockton Radio Show - Date/Length: 02/03/2010 17:00

Hollie wasn’t the only one that lost her childhood in Scotland

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watch - Holy Watergate - free online
Bearing witness to a dramatic unfolding of historic events, the filmmaker spends over four years gathering stories from all sides of the clergy sex abuse crisis. Resisting simplistic or sensational explanations, Holy Water-Gate instead bravely investigates disturbing and unanswered questions of this tragedy, providing razor sharp insight into the causation and consequences of the sex abuse in the Catholic Church. WINNER: CINE GOLDEN EAGLE for INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM; WINNER: BEST DOCUMENTARY 2005 Rhode Island International Film Festival.

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jsm: havent got this finnished yet, and will try and revive some Cathy O Brian material, and maybe Ted Gunderson aswell. This post has jumped out because of Svali, and reminded me of Cathy. Simple searches online will get you started for now...

this post is ongoing...

Monday, 1 March 2010

Jim Rogers: British Pound could collapse within weeks

Jim Rogers, Chairman of Rogers Holdings, has once again made a bold prediction and that is the British Pound could quite possibly collapse within the coming weeks.

read full article here

jsm: havent even read it, kinda know what its gonna say, and to be honest i would rather go and play my online game now...

but, i would like to know who jim rogers works for, and if he is a true american patriot. hmmm, i dont know, but i know jack f**n shit so no worries on that score then...

love, light, learn live all...

ps if its done by design then the city of london is in BIG doo doo because mud sticks you know. right! off to play Runes of Magic now, byeeee...

March 2010


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jsm: the calling, hmmm a good watch, a bit like ZEITGEIST the movie, very interesting, very enlightening, and very informative allbethem a little too polished for me at times. wanna be more informed, go get some popcorn and watch 'Ring of Power'. prepare to be openminded peeps, your gonna need to be...

ps. you might also be interested in Project Camelots latest video called The Anglo-Saxon Mission presented by Bill Ryan which tells me nothing really as I allready discovered all this info. But nevertheless, along with a particular vision last night concerning a tall blond handsome knight in shinning armour i think standing near what was a big crown and lion inscribed in rock a bit like the london crown thing, and a thought about the knights of the round table, has inspired this posting, sort of, i think, maybe. ah well whatever...

( jsm: i will embed the Camelot video once it has been updated )