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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Jeff Rense with Joel Skousen

Legally Recording Conversation with Authorities for your own personal Defense.
2020 01 20 Jeff Rense with Joel Skousen.

( 2minute clip from this excellent show )
- -- Jeff Rense website -- -
- -- Joel Skousen website -- -

jsm: and again, this subscribes to the Law as such being something we willingly subscribe to, as apposed to having to. it seems the system is sort of working against us now as apposed to working for us. however, what goes up must come down, or what goes round comes round...
Love Light Learn Live all,,,

ps. i do keep saying this, dont read my blog, go subscribe to Rense, and be better informed, or listen to his online shows and use his website at best show ever!!!

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