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Friday, 5 February 2010

Brian Gerrish & Child stealing by the State.

( watch all 7 parts on Youtube )

Brian Gerrish who outted Common Purpose now tackles Social Services.
CAFCASS, social services, CPS, DCFS, you should hang your head in shame!

Department of Children Family and Schools, DCFS, Department of Corruption, Fraud and Scandals.

the UK Column web-site

Common Purpose Exposed .com

jsm: plus
Brian Gerrish on Common Purpose
my previous posting

jsm: and i never forget the person who awoke me to this subject, again from waaay over the coast in the good old U S of A, his name being Ted Gunderson reporting on child abuse in America... (google him)

PLUS,,, please all correct me here if i am wrong, but is it true that the UK keeps NO RECORDS WHATSOEVER of total numbers of missing children in UK each year. not sure, but if its true then how convenient eh!!!

Common Purpose,,, hmmm,,, in Redditch maybe? ;)

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