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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Admiralty Law authority Hoax

If it is not simple it is likewise not accurate

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Part 1
“Complicated” is a characteristic of either those who do not “know” or explanations by those who do not want us to “know”. “Simple” is always gentler, smoother, and more concise; ergo, more accurate.

Think of all the subjects which we consider to be complicated; rather, that we were told are complicated: medicine, law, religion, politics, banking, etc. Do we really need to know them? Do we even want them in our lives? They were designed for the purpose of controlling us, yet, we can be controlled only if we defer to those who claim to be able to interpret them and “simplify” them for us. From where did they get their information which allows them to know how to simplify complicated disciplines? Now, that’s a facer, isn’t it? It came from the “authorities” who told them that these subjects were complicated and needed interpretation by someone “in authority”. This is tantamount to “teachers teaching teachers teaching teachers.”

jsm: now as much as i look into all this maritime law bullocks n bullshit i have to say, this resonates with me waaay mooore than all the crap i could ever read. so why do i find myself so drawn to the subject. huh well, i know theres a creator or god and much more under the bonnet so to speak, so anything else is well, you know,,, ;)

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