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Thursday, 23 July 2009

European Court Ruling Ends Water Fluoridation

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Fluoridated water must be treated as a medicine, and cannot be used to prepare foods! That is the decision of the European Court of Justice, in a landmark case dealing with the classification and regulation of 'functional drinks' in member states of the European Community. (HLH Warenvertriebs and Orthica (Joined Cases C-211/03, C-299/03, C-316/03 and C-318/03) 9 June2005)...

Implications for international trade in food products...

But the ruling also has an equally profound implication for export trade in processed foods and drinks. The Court stated that even if a functional food product (or a food containing it) is legally marketed as a food in one member state, it cannot be exported to any other member state unless it has a medicinal licence. So any company making a consumable product using fluoridated water in its preparation or as an ingredient cannot now export that product to any other state in the EC, even if their product is permitted in their home state.

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jsm: like i always said. dont read my blog. just goto and become informed. and oh, one last thing, well done to the local library no longer screening jeff rense out of public view. tut tut tut...
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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Ron Paul

The Greatest Speech Of Our Time. 05 19 09

jsm: me? you wanna know what i want? oh, ok! well, wheres mine, wheres my Ron Paul? where is he or she, do we have a Ron Paul in the UK, well! i dont see my Ron Paul anywhere near here, do you? i want my Ron Paul and if i dont get it, then maybe i am the problem. maybe i am my own Ron Paul, and maybe its time to start acting like one. hmmm, now thats scary,,,

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Talk by Michael C. Ruppert

watch part 2 here

LaRouche Webcast: June 27, 2009

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The following brief is believed to have been presented to a Grand Jury in the State of California circa 1982 in an attempt to correct judicial abuse of people involved in patriot and income tax protest movements.

Many people were being incarcerated as political prisoners of what is apparently a "shadow government" now in control of the USA. These patriots were attempting to educate as many of the general public as would hear their message. Unfortunately, short-sighted self-interest and apathy seem to have prevailed.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Flouride Flouride Flouride

jsm: just a small clip taken from this excellent show and a true patriot as far as i am concerned. use the link on the right menu to goto and prepare to be more informed. n sorry i nicked the clip Jeff but as i said before, if i were ever elected i would insist your show be publically transmitted and paid for within the UK. thanx for giving a shit!

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