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Tuesday, 9 June 2009


`Seven Sequential Points' on Science, Economy, and the Future of Humanity.

Now, I'm going to deal with seven questions, now, with technical questions, and the first one, I'll formulate carefully, as I've done here, again because of sensitivity. But then, I shall just take the other six questions, in my usual style.

Fraud of Global Warming
First thing, is clear the decks. There's something we have to get out of our system as a nation, now. It's a hot subject, people don't like to take it on, but it must be taken on. If we don't take it on, this nation is not going to survive.

The first popular delusion—I'm going to address a total of seven delusions, which affect policy now—the first popular delusion, we must clear off the table of our nation's policymaking immediately, is the following; otherwise, our nation has no chance of surviving this presently onrushing global crisis:

This planet has recently entered two phases of a relatively long-term process of global cooling! In the immediate present, we have entered a relatively shorter term, of some years to come, which is already a solar phase of global cooling, as indicated by the recent, ominous drop in sunspot activity. That is, sunspot activity dropped, as this happened now, which demonstrates we are entering a solar-determined global cooling, as typified by the recapping of the icecap on the Arctic. The Arctic melting has ended; the Arctic freeze is back, bigger than ever! We are now in global cooling! Not global warming: Global warming is supposed to happen in Hell. And those who like that should go there!

(jsm: i forgot to post this when i came across it innitially so appologies for that. also found the evolution issues interesting too, and can honestly agree and relate to some of what Lyndon is saying. london square mile might wanna start being a little more honest and accesible too. mps quitting, hmmm, more to come me thinks...)

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