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Friday, 25 December 2009

The Great Vaccination Debate

The French Connection

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{jsm: hmmm, french connection still blocked but rense no more. hmmm, anyway peeps, dont forget allamericangold too. love, light, learn live all...}

Monday, 21 December 2009

New swirled order

Where does this mysterious crop circle phenomena come from? Is it done by man as a joke? So why do people have extraordinary experiences then? Flying ball of lights were seen in and around crop cirlces. Or is it an alien intelligence which try to communicate with us? The geometry which can be found in crop circles, inculed a lot of mathematics which can be also found in nature.

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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Who Really Are The Rothschild Family

{jsm: hmmm and while bumping into this little gem, it reminded me of the original masterpiece from so long ago. so here it is once again,,,
love, light learn live all...

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Friday, 28 August 2009

Robert Welch in 1958

Proof that the NEW WORLD ORDER has been planned by the elite. Robert Welch, Founder of The John Birch Society, predicted today's problems with uncanny accuracy back in 1958 and prescribed solutions in 1974 that are very similar to Ron Paul's positions today. This is proof that there are plans in place by the elite to systemically disassemble US sovereignty. I wonder who those elite are.

jsm: me? you want my opinion, well, it aint gonna happen. I believe they have bit off more than they can chew and their games up. The US will regain ALL its Sovereignty, then others will follow, and finally even the London Square Mile will learn its lesson. But dont forget PeePs! I know Jack F**n shit, right???

Sunday, 2 August 2009

The Fed Is Being Unwound

FULFORD: The Fed Is Being Unwound
Benjamin Fulford

July 31, 2009

Rothschild’s are desperately seeking gold now that they know the Fed is being unwound

We are hearing reports that many members of the Rothschild family, including Tokyo-based Stephan de Rothschild, are desperately seeking to trade toxic financial waste for gold. It is clear they know the US Federal Reserve Board’s days are numbered.

They probably have so much real estate and art treasures to their name that they really do not need that gold. The smarter members of the clan must already have all the gold they will ever need and more stashed away in Swiss banks. Those who could not see the writing on the wall may have to try to do something the rest of us already have to: work for a living.

jsm: hmmm, well, you dont say. just watch CNN peeps and read between the lines. its all there in plain site. but something little just to add to this. i wonder if in the near future we are going to have a very special meeting where the Rothschilds are present aswell as ALL four corners of the earth, and Sovereignty is returned, and the Banking Institutions are restored to their original intended use (me, id dump the banks soz)

the feds not the only corporation to be unwound i believe, allooo Looonndon City! but of-course, i know jack shit. and a certain dream i had made me wonder if there was more to all this aswell as the unwinding than meets the eye...

ps. net connection from next week is returning and hopefully i will start to play my tiny insignificant part into spreading a little love & light, aswell as learning to live again...

Thursday, 23 July 2009

European Court Ruling Ends Water Fluoridation

taken from

Fluoridated water must be treated as a medicine, and cannot be used to prepare foods! That is the decision of the European Court of Justice, in a landmark case dealing with the classification and regulation of 'functional drinks' in member states of the European Community. (HLH Warenvertriebs and Orthica (Joined Cases C-211/03, C-299/03, C-316/03 and C-318/03) 9 June2005)...

Implications for international trade in food products...

But the ruling also has an equally profound implication for export trade in processed foods and drinks. The Court stated that even if a functional food product (or a food containing it) is legally marketed as a food in one member state, it cannot be exported to any other member state unless it has a medicinal licence. So any company making a consumable product using fluoridated water in its preparation or as an ingredient cannot now export that product to any other state in the EC, even if their product is permitted in their home state.

read full article here

jsm: like i always said. dont read my blog. just goto and become informed. and oh, one last thing, well done to the local library no longer screening jeff rense out of public view. tut tut tut...
drip drip drip...

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Ron Paul

The Greatest Speech Of Our Time. 05 19 09

jsm: me? you wanna know what i want? oh, ok! well, wheres mine, wheres my Ron Paul? where is he or she, do we have a Ron Paul in the UK, well! i dont see my Ron Paul anywhere near here, do you? i want my Ron Paul and if i dont get it, then maybe i am the problem. maybe i am my own Ron Paul, and maybe its time to start acting like one. hmmm, now thats scary,,,

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Talk by Michael C. Ruppert

watch part 2 here

LaRouche Webcast: June 27, 2009

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The following brief is believed to have been presented to a Grand Jury in the State of California circa 1982 in an attempt to correct judicial abuse of people involved in patriot and income tax protest movements.

Many people were being incarcerated as political prisoners of what is apparently a "shadow government" now in control of the USA. These patriots were attempting to educate as many of the general public as would hear their message. Unfortunately, short-sighted self-interest and apathy seem to have prevailed.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Flouride Flouride Flouride

jsm: just a small clip taken from this excellent show and a true patriot as far as i am concerned. use the link on the right menu to goto and prepare to be more informed. n sorry i nicked the clip Jeff but as i said before, if i were ever elected i would insist your show be publically transmitted and paid for within the UK. thanx for giving a shit!

ps. probably explains why Jeff Rense's link is the first in the Menu eh?

Friday, 26 June 2009

Secret of Special Maritime




The trials and tribulations that many people accused of “criminal offenses” are a direct result of not understanding the nature and cause of the accusation. The end result of this lack of knowledge and understanding is that the United States and the States have the largest prison population in the world and execute the most people.

Lives and families are destroyed. Family farms are stolen by unscrupulous judges and attorneys. Hard-working folks who have done no wrong have lost their homes and savings and have been reduced to a state of poverty by an encounter with the American system of injustice.

The horror stories are limitless. This author believes that this lack of understanding is the result of the “dumbing down of America,” a part of a scheme devised and orchestrated by foreign and domestic enemies of the people of the United States of America, not the least of which are the American Bar Association and the various State Bar Associations which sprang from England.

These Bar Associations have concocted a Luciferian scheme bringing the maritime jurisdiction onto the land and the scheme undoubtedly includes every member of every bar association up to the dishonorable justices of the Supreme Court.

These foreign and domestic enemies of the people of the united States of America are believed by many, including the author, to have schemed for years, at least since the founding of our nation, to establish a total takeover of not only our country, but the entire planet and to enslave the people in their demonic quest to establish a One World Government or “New World Order” created out of the chaos of the destruction of Liberty and to be founded upon the ruins of the principles on which our once great nation was established and with the slave labor supplied by a once free, self sufficient and proud people.

document lifted from
thanx Jeff

Friday, 12 June 2009

JFK Speech - Secret Societies

jsm: hmmm, aaah, duuuh, ah, Common Purpose, Freemasons, Illuminati, Bilderbergers anybody. Not SuRe, you tell me!!!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Behold a Pale Horse

William Cooper, a former military intelligence officer and world renowned lecturer and writer, was killed in a suspicious 2001 police shootout in his Arizona home.

Author of the best selling underground book of all time, "Behold A Pale Horse," his top secret intelligence document discoveries provide proof positive the Illuminati intends mass destruction of half the world's population, reaching its diabolical goal in what the author terms 'the age of deception.

jsm: philip corso is one of those souls of whom i believe to be honest and trustworthy, and well worth a listening to. dont believe, dont dis-believe, but be open minded while skeptical...

(ps. sadly the live lecture video on google video has sadly shrunk from 4 hrs down to 18 seconds, thus missing out the extremelly interesting explanation regarding the theory that JFK was actually shot by the Driver of the Motor Cave. Maybe someone will re-upload this informative and enlightening video again...

Bilderberg Group Attendee List

February 13, 2009

List of Bilderberg attendees is a list of prominent persons who have attended one or more conferences organized by the Bilderberg Group. The list is currently organized by category. It is not a complete list and it includes both living and deceased people. Where known, the year(s) they attended are denoted in brackets.

...George Osborne (2006)[13] (2008) Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer 2004-Present; member of the opposition 2001-Present...


• Kenneth Clarke (1993, 1998,[10] 2006[11] & 2007[12]), former Chancellor of the Exchequer (cmon BBC, wake up, ask him, go on, ask him?)

jsm: just one of many worth paying attention to on the list, but i feel this one needs pointing out now as the Labour MPs are standing down, including my MP Jacqui Smith, and the Conservatives are being primmed and primed by the Outlets for Public Consumption...

i believe we are about to see some changes to the political system in the UK unlike ever before, and i firmly believe the City of London and its Corporation have seen its day. But peeps! before you vote Conservative, you might wanna try n verify the above...

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Poison on the Platter

“Poison on the Platter”, is an eye-opening film, made by Mahesh Bhatt and Ajay Kanchan, illustrating how all of our lives are gonna be (adversely) affected by genetically modified foods. It is no more a farmer’s issue alone, it’s a matter of the consumers’ right to food safety. You and I wouldn’t even be able to separate/choose a normal Brinjal from/over a GM one, if Bt Brinjal - a GM crop produced by the mighty agri-MNC Monsanto - is let through by our corrupt regulatory body. Let’s put up strong resistance, demanding a ban on GM food/crops for 5 years, until they are proven safe for human consumption by independent, long-term studies.

jsm: watch this, then start watching what you feed your kids n family. it pays to stay informed peeps!


`Seven Sequential Points' on Science, Economy, and the Future of Humanity.

Now, I'm going to deal with seven questions, now, with technical questions, and the first one, I'll formulate carefully, as I've done here, again because of sensitivity. But then, I shall just take the other six questions, in my usual style.

Fraud of Global Warming
First thing, is clear the decks. There's something we have to get out of our system as a nation, now. It's a hot subject, people don't like to take it on, but it must be taken on. If we don't take it on, this nation is not going to survive.

The first popular delusion—I'm going to address a total of seven delusions, which affect policy now—the first popular delusion, we must clear off the table of our nation's policymaking immediately, is the following; otherwise, our nation has no chance of surviving this presently onrushing global crisis:

This planet has recently entered two phases of a relatively long-term process of global cooling! In the immediate present, we have entered a relatively shorter term, of some years to come, which is already a solar phase of global cooling, as indicated by the recent, ominous drop in sunspot activity. That is, sunspot activity dropped, as this happened now, which demonstrates we are entering a solar-determined global cooling, as typified by the recapping of the icecap on the Arctic. The Arctic melting has ended; the Arctic freeze is back, bigger than ever! We are now in global cooling! Not global warming: Global warming is supposed to happen in Hell. And those who like that should go there!

(jsm: i forgot to post this when i came across it innitially so appologies for that. also found the evolution issues interesting too, and can honestly agree and relate to some of what Lyndon is saying. london square mile might wanna start being a little more honest and accesible too. mps quitting, hmmm, more to come me thinks...)

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Report from Iron Mountain


"John Doe," as I will call him in this book for reasons that will be made clear, is a professor at a large university in the Middle West. His field is one of the social sciences, but I will not identify him beyond this. He telephoned me one evening last winter, quite unexpectedly; we had not been in touch for several years. He was in New York for a few days, he said, and there was something important he wanted to discuss with me. He wouldn't say what it was. We met for lunch the next day at a midtown restaurant.

He was obviously disturbed. He made small talk for half an hour, which was quite out of character, and I didn't press him. Then, apropos of nothing, he mentioned a dispute between a writer and a prominent political family that had been in the headlines. What, he wanted to know, were my views on "freedom of information"? How would I qualify them? And so on. My answers were not memorable, but they seemed to satisfy him. Then, quite abruptly, he began to tell me the following story:

Link to original PDF from Project Camelot

Thanx to Project Camelot for this

Common Purpose

Is your Local County Council Compramised by this un-accountable and un-elected Agenda. I most certainlly believe my Redditch Borough Council has a problem and this might just be it...

Red Ice Creations Radio link : Pt1 : Pt2

jsm: Dont forget the previous posts regarding this subject, or head on over to Google Videos to get a good in-depth description from Brian Gerrish, as to what the above subject matter has followed on from...

Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Informer

--- Beyond the Grassy Knoll Radio ---

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. ... by Vyzykeet, the Lord of the Manor ... .
Copyright © Vyzygoth 2007.
All rights reserved.

The Informer . . . $40 for all 10 shows.
The Constitution is not a document of or for the people. It’s yet another Big Lie, much like the fairy tale about the character of our “Framers” and the creation and purpose of the United States, a.k.a., the New Atlantis, the New World Order.

. .. ... and info on ... .. .
The Informer is by profession a researcher of 40 years and worked for major 500 companies. He started the legal research into government as a whole in 1979 and went heavy into the taxation part, all phases, in 1981, and continues to this day.
He is retired and uses his cognitive skills of 40 years to continue studying. His history research came about because of the government research that uncovered many inconsistencies in what people perceive to be true about government, but which is not. His inquiries and study led him to other historical researchers nationwide.
These findings show governments are run by people other than the common man and woman of America and is not the "representative form" as people believe
This is the first paragraph of the 1913 Income Tax Statutes at large 38 Stat 166.
This is the only paragraph consisting of one sentence that the government says pertains to you. It was run through a Grammatik program. It stated it was one sentence of 43 words. The readability is the grade level required to understand what you are reading. The sentence complexity is the score that is required to comprehend what you are reading with a score of 100 being so complex that no one can understand it.
" That there shall be levied, assessed, collected and paid annually upon the entire net income arising or accruing from all sources in the preceding calendar year to every citizen of the United States , whether residing at home or abroad, and to every person residing in the United States , though not a citizen thereof , a tax of 1 per centum per annum upon such income ,
EXCEPT as herein after provided; and a like tax shall be assessed, levied, collected, and paid annually upon the entire net income from all property owned and of every business, trade or profession carried on in the United States by persons residing elsewhere."
No wonder it takes over 9000 pages of codified garbage to understand what can not be fathomed by the most astute man, let alone the average man. They can't explain, ever, such an abomination to begin with. They can take another 9000 pages and still be as screwed up as ever. But breaking each word down as I have done, it can be deciphered


Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth

The Audio Podcasts
from jsm @ S.M.Studios...
The history of the tablets translated in the following pages is strange and beyond the belief of modern scientists. Their antiquity is stupendous, dating back some 36,000 years B.C. The writer is Thoth, an Atlantean Priest-King, who founded a colony in ancient Egypt after the sinking of the mother country.

He was the builder of the Great Pyramid of Giza, erroneously attributed to Cheops. In it he incorporated his knowledge of the ancient wisdom and also securely secreted records and instruments of ancient Atlantis.
For some 16,000 years, he ruled the ancient race of Egypt, from approximately 52,000 B.C. to 36,000 B.C. At that time, the ancient barbarous race among which he and his followers had settled had been raised to a high degree of civilization.
Full Texts: here... here... here... here... here... here...

(jsm: as requested here are the audio files re-posted for all to download and nJoy)

Monday, 4 May 2009

Catch up on the Economy

As the economy continues to stagger from one causality to the next, the most recent being the swine flu (yeah right) i thought now would be a good time to remind those interested where to get some good insight into some alternative economy podcasts...

All American Gold -

Financial Sense NewsHour -

Peter Schiff -

Conspiracy PenPal -

The LaRouche Show -

and for those wanting something a little more diverse and thought provoking i now draw your attention again to the two following posts i made a while back...

Smithy - The Wizards of Money

The Informer & Vzygoth - Maritime Law