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Friday, 10 October 2008

Major Announcement

by Commander Adama...
the Galactic Federation of Light...
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There have been full scale preparations for First Contact. The landing points of GFOL ships have been assigned to various areas of Planet Earth. Will First Contact happen right after the Illuminati has lost all of their power? No; First Contact will happen a couple of months after, just to clarify that. That is all I am allowed to say about details regarding First Contact.

The October 14th event is still right on schedule to manifest into our reality on October 14th. Final details and preparations have been made about what is going to happen when it occurs. The GFOL has been very unsure about how large the ship will be and if it will move or stay stationary. They now know for sure and will allow me to tell, which the following is:
full transcript here

jsm: Me? - why wait, they have been there all the time. so next time you go out, just whisper a soft hello to your long forgotten friends, or smile an aknowledgement to the skies with good thoughts. and you never know, they just might smile back eh... :)

(ps DJs, feel free to promote publically, the songs Exploitation Rights are mine, and so if your'e spreading the love & light, then the honour and the pleasure is all mine.)

love; light, learn, live,

!!! CONTACT!!!


jsm: Me? - like i said, it allready happened for me, and it most definatelly is gonna happen again peeps. and for all of you to eventually, there will be no doubt, i promise. just wait n see!!! - and so i leave this little post linked up for very near future reference...

'the year of change'

'the year of action'


Public Amnesty in Disclosure
a United Programme

'and so it is'

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