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Saturday, 4 October 2008

Cynthia McKinney


jsm: if you are like me (UK me) and are from a so-called Western Society, how do we come to terms with the likes of these allegations being made, along with the many others that have allready taken place, and how do we all go about making sure this never happens again...

and I strongly urge my british brothers and sisters to bear these points in mind...

1) just because its in another country does not mean that we bear no responsability to what has happened and what is STILL taking place globally. we remained passive. that now has to stop!!!

2) two wrongs DONT make a right! we will all have to find ways of accepting equality for all, and untill such time we do, and untill such time we ALL bear some responsability for what has taken place, nothing will change. and Im sure none of us want our kids to grow up in more of the same of this kind of s**t taking place. (desperatelly trying to controll my anger/ego here)

finally: first the fiat empire will totally collapse upon itself, and then many like I, will have to dig deep to find our own solutions to the global problems taking place. you see, the system is broken, and i for one will not help fix the old ways, it never really worked. it always served the few and not the many. i for one will look for a cause that supports ALL equally and globally. but i am guessing that we will all have to start locally once again.

power corrupts,
absolute power corrupts, absolutelly.
love & light all

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