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Friday, 3 October 2008

Comets are Electric

jsm: well, something in the air has been nagging me to make such a post as this for a while now, and this is most definately the time after listening to the latest James McCanney Science Hour Show, who is NOT related to the above video, of which I have just come across...

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Now after listening to James's show dated the 25th September 2008, he discusses the fact that Western Science is now releasing this Electric Universe Info, but without aknowledging such individuals as Velikovsky, or even James himself...

Me? - simple. I think I can smell a TruthSeeker when I hear one, and in Time, ALL TRUTHS will be known. No Manipulation No Manipulation No Manipulation...

And wouldnt James McCanney be an EXCELLENT Platform to use to set the Records straight. I most certainlly know who I will be turning to when the time comes...

My History belongs to ME!!! - and I hereby now declare I want it back, and anyone seeking to hide me from my truths will be held to account, Publically, Openlly, and Transparrentlly.

aaah,,, thats better...
till next time

(ps James McCanney has NOT endorsed this message at all, and i have NO RIGHTS WHATSOEVER on speaking on his behalf, and he is NOT related to the above video! or anything else on this Blog!!!

But if you want my opinion peeps, if you want the Truth about your Science, then start with the James McCanney Science Hour. I do, and I havent looked back since. thanx Mr McCanney.)

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