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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

14th Oct - Blossom confirms

jsm: well, Blossom, you really have taken the steam out of me luv. Youve said it all, and so beautifully too. I really cannot add to this except youre not alone!

Youtube Video

oh, hang on, maybe i can, but there is no confirmation for this whatsoever, and so this is just me rambling, ok! But why when this sighting takes place, do i keep thinking of Crystals Crystals Crystals... :)

finally. look, i cannot convince you either, but when they DO arrive, it WILL be peacefull, and it will be with the highest of integrity. But of-course the best bit is its about love, and the fact that our Grandfather has graced this event. That alone humbles me to the core. That our Creator can care sooo much to allow this intervention. WoW! what words can describe that eh!!!

thankyou grandfather...

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