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Sunday, 7 September 2008

my thoughts

well, i think by now you guys n gals have managed to get a pretty good insight into the workings of me (jsm) by now and so dont expect too many revelations here...

i had actually made this post about a week ago, but subsequentlly decided to pull it after a channeling or reading i came across, but have now realised that that was a big mistake on my part, that i have no intention of repeating. sorry H to disagree, but i must do what i think to be the right thing to do, aswell as the right thing for the people of this planet...

the ufo community::: well, lol, oct 14th, will it wont it, me, you really wanna know, well, ok, yep! course i do and guess what, when we see it, aswell as the others if they can make it of-course, boy oh boy oh boy, are they gonna be big, so so big!!! but dont forget peeps, they are out distant cousins and relatives, coming to say hello, oh, and to help us out of these silly wars we seem to keep fabricating all over the place. they know its time for us to grow up now you see. and why would they come for any other reason but to help and assist us. we were entrapped a long long time ago, and that will NOT be happening this time...

'' Me? well i personally WILL NOT be openlly welcoming ANY VISITORS from ANYWHERE wether they be Galactic Federation, Star Nations, WHATEVER!!!, who seek to entrap, manipulate, enslave, abuse, neglect, use or abuse us, or whatever shape or form blah blah blah that we dont want done to us anymore. and how do i know this, hmmm, good question, but its not neccesarily something i know. no, its not, but it most definatelly IS something i can feel, i can feel it everywhere i am or go, and all the time now, in every moment of my being you could say. ''

so oct 14th, are we going to be invaded, lol not a chance, quite the opposite, and i for one as a sovereign citezan being born on this beautiful planet would NOT allow that to be imposed on me any more anyway, as nor should you if you wish.

but my dear british chums and the rest of the whole planet, c'mon its your turn, you dont have to blog it, you dont even have to tell anyone, but seriouslly now, what do you want. would you like a little bit of extra technological and spiritual help from your distant relatives & cousins on getting us and this lovelly planet back on track again. and this time they will talk to us personally, and publically, and in the open, and NOT thru our so-called representatives. they allready tried that and it didnt work.

'' Me? our friends know EXACTLY where i stand on this and what i demand from the highest of authorities, OPENESS, ACCOUNTABILITY, AND TRANSPARRENCY, simple really, and never has changed, and never will change, regardless of where they are from.''

crickey, i cant wait, and guess what, i believe there will be more too, and they will ALL be peacefull visits. the only people we need to worry about are the mis-guided souls from down here. the blind being led by the blind you could say. but they WILL see, and they will wake up in time, they will see. my only advise to them is do NOT interfear with these visits, as they are all going to be peacefull and with good intent, and for a much much higher purpose than i or even we could ever have imagined. If your not sure peeps, just use your intuition.

the elitests, the 'you know who's, even they know their game is now up, and they all know who they are. game really is up peeps! its time to draw the curtains and empty the stage, the act is now over. and it really is time for peace on earth, crickey coming from ME, who only a couple of years ago was an athiest. hmmm,,, the best mistake I ever made... :)

and so. peeps! - what do you want, do you want peacefull visits from our off world friends, whos ONLY AGENDA is to serve the Creator or Gods wish you could say, i think they all call it a golden age dont they or something like that? i think its NOW, actually, i think its allready happening, but what do you think?

no more wars, no more corrupt economy, no more starvation, no more starvation, no more starvation (get the picture), peace on earth, some good honest history for a change along with a touch of local grass roots politics thrown in for good measure, and how about a higher purpose to the all that is and why we are all here. ooooh yeah, now that one resonates with me big time. wouldnt you like to know if there is and always has been a higher purpose to all this...

well go on then, make a wish! and you never know, it might come true :) but make it a nice one, go on, you deserve it. you see, youv'e come a long way, and youve done your job, but its time to go home now.
sshhhh, its ok, its time to wake up...
love & light all
and while your at it, learn & live,
but dont forget to love.

(((ps. project camelot, im NOT jordan maxwell pleeeaaassee!!! so you are obviouslly not getting my emails guy n gal :) but i do whole heartedlly dosupport his cause as you might have guessed, along with ANYONE seeking to promote the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so be it. pps. loved the show on lightworkers guy n gal)))
(((( [to the blind being led by the blind] - pleeease stop interfearing with my emails, you will only ever find what i want you to. like i said, open, accountable, and transparrent, now what about you? ))))

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