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Tuesday, 30 September 2008


now i dont know
but is

this - and - this

related to

this - and - this

and now we have

this - and - this

does this mean its
time for

this - and - this

True? - you tell me? - I do!!!
I'm on side with the Sovereign American Citezan
Me? aaah, NESARA NOW
U.S.A. i f**n love U, now go lead us to PEACE!
and shine

love, light, learn, live

(jsm: and for the record and digitally recorded for ever, i totally concurr with the amnesty as i suggested in my PAID-UP proposal to my british brothers and sisters. but provided they publically disclose ALL, and are REMOVED from all power. then they can count on my support unconditionally. we must ALL work together as the grandfather of all intended...)

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