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Friday, 8 August 2008

Trees - Anyone?

(contains channeled info so use dissernment)

From Dr. Richard Boylan.
Full Article here.

Forests on Mars, and the Cabal's plan to rape the Earth and flee to Mars.

You mean NASA and JPL and MSSS have been lying to us for years?!

Pine stock from Earth that has been planted on Mars! Planted by whom?

The Cabal don't care if their multinational corporations extract every mineral, pollute every stream, cause the ocean to go lifeless, and eventually wrap the Earth permanently in Beijing-like smog. Why? Because the Cabal have their Escape Plan.

"Councillor of Earth, Mars will be quarantined of said [Escape] actions, as the Cabal factions will not be able to seek refuge there. It will not be allowed [by Star Nations]. I bid you well." - Councillor For the Watchers"

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
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jsm: and finally, i just nicked the headlines, so after suggesting you read the original article, i leave you with this very small, but humble set of interesting links. ;)

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