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Saturday, 2 August 2008

Keep Looking Up

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For four years I have run the website; I have written numerous articles focusing on weather control, contrails and the real reasons behind global warming. I've gone storm chasing for two springs gathering research data from which a peer-reviewed paper was published. We are the first researchers to have recorded electromagnetic fields generated by rotating severe thunderstorms, or otherwise known as meso-cyclones. --Scott Stevens
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This is the best video to date of Chemtrials... more and more the evidence of what we are saying is coming true. This video is truly amazing please spread this video.

jsm: now theres not as many chem trails above Redditch in the Midlands in England, but they ARE THERE, and I can assure you if i had a good enough camera, i could un-questionably give photographic evidence of white planes dumping TOXIC SH*T out one minute, then minutes later nothing at all. So, nothing to do with temperature, and nothing to do with neccessity. Sometimes they do, sometimes they dont, and sometimes at the same time!!! And the ones that dont DONT SUDDENLY FALL OUT THE SKY EITHER. But there are other signs to look for, signs that can be seen with the keener eye... :)

And perhaps my Local Redditch Borough Councillors, aswell as all the Staff, and ALL people with friends and relatives, and my Local MP Jacqui Smith, should seriouslly consider WHY this is being done, and what exactly are our little ones and our Elders having to breath in every time these planes do their suspicous fly-overs...

Anyone wanna give me a decent Camera and the Lenses, or perhaps, if you like I actually care about your friends and loved ones, look up once in a while, get your cameras and recorders out, and see and record how our atmosphere is being DELIBERATELY polluted... ps, hope you like the pics Redditch, but watch out for your Respiratory Concerns, because they most certainlly DONT...

Sorry, was that a Conspiracy Theory Comment, perhaps you should listen to what other Governments are now having to aknowledge allthough dont expect to hear it on your BBC. Its out there peeps and they wont do it for you. Happy Browsing peeps... ;)

But ah! - there are other theories to the ever wonderfull patterns in some of these pics, and not all of them are bad, so if you are curious about what you see, go a searchin my dear peeps, go a searchin. And dont forget to look up once in a while, and maybe just whisper a soft hello when no-ones around you. You never know,,,...

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learn to live
live to love...

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