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Sunday, 24 August 2008

the 105 Universal Laws
the 105 Universal Laws
thru Tom Murasso
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1. The Law of Abundance. (sometimes referred to as the Law of Opulence or Success.) By creating visualizations of abundance in our lives we draw this energy of success into our reality. Success or abundance does not only apply to money. There is success in communication, spirituality, relationships and so on. When creating the abundance of financial gain remember to be IN this world, but not OF this world. We are not the sum total of your possessions.

2. The Law of Action. No matter what we feel or know, no matter what our potential gifts or talents, only action brings them to life. Those of us who think we understand concepts, such as commitment, courage, and love, one day discover that we only create knowingness when we act; doing becomes understanding. Every aspirant is a focal point of energy and should be a conscious focal point. In the midst of the whirl and storm (of the chaos of third dimension) s/he should make his/her presence felt.
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jsm: WoW! - now im one up on all you because i listened to this while playing enigma sadness in the background and i have to say its a real good listen. (i will try n generate some music for this) And the message is trully inspiring indeed, and would probably suit anyone who feels a little spiritual at times, and wants just a little nudge in a specific direction at times. And if you really really like it, please go tell the author on his website, just say thankyou. You see, thats where it all starts... :)

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