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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

ssshhhhh, wake up...

Apollo 14 astronaut claims aliens HAVE made contact - but it has been covered up for 60 years.

Aliens have contacted humans several times but governments have hidden the truth for 60 years, the sixth man to walk on the moon has claimed.

Apollo 14 astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell, said he was aware of many UFO visits to Earth during his career with NASA but each one was covered up.

Read Daily Mail Article Here.
Listen to an audio Interview here.

jsm - hmmm what have we done, boy oh boy oh boy, what have we done... oh, sorry, no! what have YOU done, supposadly on our behalf...
2008, DISCLOSURE began. love,light,learn,live.

(ps. anyone noticed anything unusual in the skies latelly, No!, well you had better take another look then hadnt you. Oh, and dont forget to say hello, after all, we are related you know... ;)

ssshhhhh, wake up...




The Physics of 2012 :: 30 March 07
If the 2012 phenomenon is real, it appears to be more complicated than some assume. My research tells me that in no way does it imply the mass ascension of everyone on this planet, because that would go against the freewill of those who instead of being ready for a higher realm are stubbornly content with the lower. Nor will it happen precisely on December 21, 2012 because that date is supposedly based on only two things: when the Mayan calendar ends and when the sun on winter solstice overlaps the galactic center; the first is of questionable dating while the second already occurred in 1998. The Shift may in fact be more the dimensional effect of a broad wave whose central peak resides on or after 2012, whereby the years immediately before and after the peak might be just as significant. My best estimate is that the window of 2012-2032 is of greater importance than the winter solstice of 2012 itself.
love, light, learn, live

ssshhhhh, wake up...

The Template

The new paradigm will not spring from our minds. It is not an updated theory
overlaying the existing one. It must evolve out of the iconic model and gestate,
synthesize and integrate before it can crystallise.

It must be understood in the mind, felt in the heart and MADE TANGIBLE in the body before it can be birthed into time and space.