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Saturday, 14 June 2008

the United Kingdom Constitution

Britannia Radio
Harold Hoffman presents an explanation of the United Kingdom Constitution, incorporating Magna Carta, Bill of Rights, Coronation Oath and the illegality of current Parliament as expoused by the well known John Bingley; with questions of his dissertation afterwards.

Introduced and Promoted by John Moran of UKIP,whom organised this well attended meeting.

This meeting held today, Saturday 12th April, explains the views of our current politicians, through bias, ignorance and neglect, towards the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution; and the supremacy of
THE LAW OF THE UK... click to listen

Rights Reserves their Respective Owners

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Well, I have quite lliterally only just discovered Harolds site, and if you are a Proud Brit like me, I can promise you will love this guy and his website if its good grass roots independant journalism you want...

But what I found really interesting was this above post covering the UK Constitution of which I didnt even know existed. I do now though! And if you have been following my Maritime Post here, then you will know my interest in anything Constitutional wise...

But oh oh oh oh, is it what I think it is. Noh!! i mean, i really am an egotistic sod at times and i do appologise to all of you for that, with a foul mouth and baaad speling to boot, but my oh my oh my, if the Constitution is what i think it is then no wonder why they wont mess with it in any way shape or form whatsoever. They wouldnt dare...

But Listen to the questions at the end of the Britannia file... Council Tax might be ILLEGAL!!! But why, why would they do something like that, it cant be, please, somebody tell me this guy is wrong. Why would our own government allow this to take place. People, something is terriblly wrong here, its real bad, it stinks, but im sure with all of your help out there we WILL get to the bottom of this...

Then, ah then, it will be nothing less than my pleasure after the US gets its Constitution back, We then get ours, and then the rest of the World. Now thats what I intend to do...

But what about all of you my dear beloved readers, what do you want? I certainlly cannot speak for you, but if you want the same things as I do, then I really do think that together we can do this...

See, I did say didnt I, 2008, Disclosure!!!
love, light, learn, live...

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