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Friday, 13 June 2008

Ron Paul - the Campaign for Liberty

Dear Supporter,
These past 17 months have been among the most exciting and eventful of my life. Together you and I delivered a message of freedom the likes of which American politics had not seen in decades. I wasn’t sure the country was ready for it. But it was a message, I discovered, that many Americans had been waiting for a long time to hear.

I have been blessed with the most informed, well read, and enthusiastic supporters of any presidential campaign. Your extraordinary efforts in organizing and fundraising grabbed the attention of millions of Americans and shocked just about everyone in politics and the media. I still cannot get over all the fantastic work you did.

Something of great significance has just occurred in our country’s history.

With the primary season now over, the presidential campaign is at an end. But the larger campaign for freedom is just getting started. Therefore, I am happy to announce the official launch of the Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty.



jsm: Now I always had this feeling that Ron Paul was not about the winning of the Presidency. You see, I think he is faaar more important than that. Its not about Ron Paul. Its actually more about the likes of me, who hear someone like Ron Paul, and then become inspired or moved to create a change for a better World. And I will bluntly tell you that without Ron Paul, there wouldnt be an awakened me. But Im in the UK, and not the US you say!!! Dont you see, again, its not even about me. Its the message, its the inspiration, its all about trying to inspire others to take responsability for their own decisions and destinies to make a better world. And we can do it, No sorry, we ARE going to do it! And 2008 is the start of all this...

You might not have the same outlooks as me, but you will have your own similar views and opinions on which to act on. Like minded individuals will find like minded souls, and thats just how it is. Its time to be inspired again. Its time to be creative again. Its time for a change again, but for the better and all of mankind this time and not just for the few. But most of all, its time for you to be YOU again. And hopefully when you have discovered your new You, you will in turn help me to find a better me!

its only just begun
till next time all

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