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Saturday, 14 June 2008

Ireland made me proud today

Thankyou Ireland

Ireland, along with many changes in 2008, will quite simply be unstoppable now, and as much as those in the KNOW and CONTROL keep trying CONTROL THE KNOW and KNOW THE CONTROL they are doomed to fail. I truly believe that but I am but a small tiny piece of a much bigger, and a much brighter puzzle. WoW! sooo much to learn and discover, and in sooo little time...

Everything that leads to our final goal, when eventually discovered by all, will be seen to be in its most clearest moment, the most simplest and most humble of things that we ever needed to be achieved or discovered. And in that moment, clarity of mind and determination of purpose will come home. And maybe then we can all go home...

Ireland, there is sooo much love and support for you from sooo many quite but awakening souls out there, and never forget that for every outspoken loudmouth like me, there are literally hundreds just needing a tiny nudge in the right direction to help see the clarity of their intended purpose...

And Ireland, wethere YOU know it or not yet, you have become a stepping stone to a much better place in all Soceity for the years to come...

but hey, what the F**K do i know all
i just love to learn and live to love
which reminds me,,,
i must stop putting off the ENYA post
i must pluck up the courage,,,
oooh, will i, wont i,,,,
better stay tuned all,,,

Thankyou Ireland.
Today, you shine!!!

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