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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Galactic Federation

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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
Update for June 24, 2008

Selamat Jarin! We return with more to say on a number of issues. Our Earth allies continue to advance. Much progress has been made in identifying and exposing those who duplicitously use their positions of authority to hinder our cause by doing one helpful task while clandestinely pulling off many destructive ones. These moles are now being used to winkle out accomplices who have obstructed what should already be a done deal. This flushing out and removing of the "bad eggs" has greatly accelerated the path to our goals.

The present illegal US regime is among the greatest of these culprits. We are using the accruing evidence gleaned from this activity as material for the legal actions that are to take place once this present madness is over. Our Earth allies are now refocusing on completing the final steps that can, as you say, "seal the deal." All of us are anxious to get the prosperity deliveries out of the way. Once this is done, we can proceed to the rapid removal of these rogue North American regimes. Thereafter, a number of other such governments around the world are to follow them swiftly into oblivion.

These coming actions are all part of a vast, quiet revolution whose primary purpose is to restore sanity to your world. The present madness is an agenda that is inextricably wrapped up with both the UFO cover-up and the rise to power of a group of American illuminoids at the end of World War II. The "Roswell incident" is one of a multitude of examples that led this group to believe that they were destined to succeed their then masters, the Anunnaki, as future controllers of the world. What they did not take into account was the fact that Heaven and the divine plan were preparing an alternative scenario.

The agitation of this group over this matter in the late 1990s is the root cause of what is transpiring around you now. Their plot to first seize control of the present version of the US government and then use it to achieve their goals is doomed to failure. Too many factors are in play that are disrupting and overturning their grand stratagems. Despite becoming aware of this, their arrogance and defiance of the Light have kept this silly yet tragic game going.

This situation became clear to us when, time after time, carefully negotiated agreements were proven to be not worth the paper they were written on. We quickly learned that this unbelievable guile was par for the course. Each of the principals lives in a secret, dark world filled with unmentionable horror. Secrecy is a hallmark of their actions. It seems they believe us to have underestimated them; but this is far from the truth! As your proverb says, we are merely giving them enough rope to hang themselves with, by allowing these rapscallions to perpetrate the precedents required to bring them to justice.

The extent of their larceny is prodigious; indeed, no tinge of morality hampers their intrigues. They fall for each "bait" we set before them and thus continue to more deeply embroil themselves in traitorous actions. As the evidence of their crimes mounts and the wriggle-room we allow them decreases, they actually appear to be relishing what is about to happen. It is as if they believe they can somehow miraculously hoodwink us at the end!

This continuing insanity has shown us the nature of the evil that the galactic entity known as Anchara imposed upon the Milky Way Galaxy for billions of years. It is interesting to watch this darkness still at work, albeit on a much smaller planetary scale. Transforming it into something magnificent and of the Light is a wondrous opportunity. Our first contact fleet is following the sacred parameters laid down by Heaven. We bear these precepts firmly in mind as we advise our Earth allies on what to do to remedy the situation on your beautiful planet.

Much is expected of this world and your future star nation. Many in our Galactic Federation are involved in this first contact so that the promise of Lemuria can be realized. Moreover, restoring this solar system to its original condition gives us a chance to work closely with the Elohim in charge of this quadrant of the galaxy. This is always a great privilege and a great honor! We look forward to our coming interactions with you.

Your progress toward first contact is most interesting to us. We have watched you go through a number of preliminary stages, reminiscent to us of what the Galactic Federation's predecessors went through at the very beginning of the many galactic wars. First comes a feeling that what is happening cannot be real. Then follows an overwhelming need to assess the situation and prepare to cope. Humans on your world are aware of us and of the massive betrayal of the people that government is perpetrating.

Most of you know of the great danger that this poses both to Mother Earth and to your future, and you are being impelled to take positive action for your survival and to learn more about us. This is most encouraging. It is one of the major reasons why the dark's schemes cannot succeed. We are proud of what you are doing to aid the goals of our Earth allies.

You are a people who are coming together, each in your own way, to assuage the damage done to your planet and to figure out a means to defeat the strange and hateful goals of the dark. This has led to the creation of huge, planetwide programs for lifting yourselves out of poverty; developing a number of political parties that truly represent you; and creating the infrastructure that can sustain your actions. These create the foundations for the programs of our Earth allies.

These grass roots organizations are to be found on every continent and are now starting to interlink with one another on an increasing scale. These organizations are expanding and becoming a segment of your global society that is addressing issues important to our first contact program.

As we have mentioned before, carrying out such a lengthy and involved pre-first contact operation is, for us, unprecedented. Normally, we leave this phase to you and wait for you to complete your preparations according to your own time frame. In this instance, a number of prime decrees and other sacred directives were passed on to us before we began this operation. Now we are overseeing a whole host of activities that are to greatly speed up the preliminaries.

As Heaven predicted, her actions in accelerating your growth in consciousness was mirrored by the actions of those within your secret global power structure who wished to overturn the goals of the dark elites. This group became our Earth allies. We commend them as well as the grass-roots organizers who have worked so diligently to set up an infrastructure of consciousness on your world.

The process of change has reached a point of no return. Every day, more and more people are making a commitment to change. It is unfortunate that most of this goes unreported in the so-called developed world. The major repository for this news has become the Internet. Here, a large variety of blogs, reports, and uncensored news skips daily across the globe, much of it devoted to these vital issues.

We monitor this and are in joy over these developments, even though this is only a beginning. The events getting ready to manifest are needed to get these global actions up to speed. Our Earth allies are fully aware of this and have done things on a sufficient scale to assist these grass-roots organizations. Remember that Together, We are indeed Victorious!

Today, we continued to inform you about what is happening around you. We feel very deeply that the time is near for finishing off this phase of the operation. Our actions are the catalyst for this phase, and the moment quickly approaches for many amazing events to happen around you. Stay focused and ready to finish what we have all started. Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Majon! Selamat Kasitaram! (Sirian for Rejoice! and Be Blessed in Heavenly Love and Joy!)

[ end of message ]

. .. ...jsm... .. .

Now again, my dear British Chums, when you read my Blogs, you must also take into account of the more Esoterical material I read aswell from time to time, just to give you a small glimpse into the mind of jsm. And I do keep saying, and will go on the Record and say, do NOT believe or disbelieve any and all posts here...

And allthough I know many of you will find it very difficult and worrying to be assuming to be reading a channelings thoughts from other off world visitors, I would only emphasise that these words cannot harm you...

So read with dissernment, dont buy into them, and stick em in the back of your mind for a while, and maybe one day, when the Dis-Info Team is busted, you can all point your fingers at me and giggle. But atleast then we would be better informed...

But read, atleast read, and wonder, no seriouslly, just wonder. What would it be like. Just what would it be like if it were all true. Do you realise, would we then be one step closer to the FREE ENERGY that Tesla tried to promote but the Elitests wouldnt let him. Could we recieve the much needed help for cleansing Mother Earth who is sorelly in need of a better caring kind. How about Anti-Gravity Craft that would only requite WATER to run on. You know, just like the ones from Project Paperclick since World War 2 that dissappeared somewhere into the CIAs Black Ops. Its allready out there Peeps! go browsing, go browsing, its aaalllll out there allready. Try Youtubing a few buzzwords!!!...

Me? LOL, well I cant really lose. You see I am under no illusion whatsoever that my Government and the System have fundamentally let me down! I am also aware that the Global Bankers have ruined the Economy, or shall we say for now, been outsmarted. And all the crap and chemickals and SHIT they pump into foods and drugs for us to have to give to our families, friends, and CHILDREN, no! - sorry but something aint right here, and something badly needs some fixing, and quick! - I think we are being lied to by our Government, the Secret Societies, the Global Bankers, the Religions, and maybe a few others too...

Finally: Dont even believe what I post. The minute you believe everything here is the very minute I have FAILED. You see, im no more in the Light than any of you. I might be looking a little harder, but hey, If I can help, I WILL. Do your own research and digging, and if you think you come across anything I might be interested in, feel free to mail it...
Love, Light, Learn, Live

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